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Headscratchers: Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire
  • Somewhat minor, but why do people keep saying that Gen 3 and Gen 1 take place at the same time? The main reason I've seen is that you don't need a Time Machine to trade between R/S/E and FR/LG, like you did between R/B/Y and G/S/C... But you also don't need a Time Machine (for either R/S/E or FR/LG) to trade with Colosseum and XD! And remember, it's actually stated in those games that they take place five years apart! So is "not needing a Time Machine" really evidence? Note, it wouldn't bug me if Gen 3 and Gen 1 are actually confirmed to take place at the same time... It just bugs me that people keep using trading as the basis.
    • Well, we know that Generation II and Generation IV take place at the same time due to several references in the games (news of a red Gyarados being sighted, etc) and Generation II obviously takes place after Generation I. In HeartGold and SoulSilver, the Champion of Hoenn's Elite Four shows up and mistakes the player for the protagonist of Ruby/Sapphire, and Bill says that Lanette from Hoenn helped him build the Pokemon Storage System. All of this means it's pretty safe to say that Gens I and III take place at around the same time.
      • Thank you, that all makes sense. It still just bugs me that the Time Machine thing is brought up so often, but you explained everything else in a good way.
      • Plus, the Red Gyarados sighting thing might just have been a regular shiny Gyarados living in Lake Valor, or any other lake that is not in snowy terrain, lava, middle of a city, a particular statue in the middle of the lake, or anything else that might cause the lake as being specifically one particular body of water from one specific region. And Steven might just have time-travelled from 2002 to 1998 with the help of a Celebi, Dialga, a technological device that is able to time-travel like the Time Capsule, or other newfangled crap.
      • In Platinum, you actually get to meet the camera man who filmed the news story about the Gyarados and he outright confirms that it was the same one from the Lake of Rage in Johto. Further, there is zero evidence that the Steven we meet in HG/SS is from the future, be it by mechanical, magical, or any other means. Neither the character nor the game makes even the slightest of hints towards such an explanation. Trying to explain away Steven by saying he time traveled is a far more complicated explanation with far less justification than simply saying that Gen III took place prior to Gen II.
  • In Black and White, some remarks from Cynthia imply that Platinum is the canon version from fourth gen, adding fuel to the common "third version is canon" theory. However... In Heart Gold and Soul Silver, it's Steven who claims to be Champion, rather than Wallace, which seems to rule out Emerald as being the "canon" version. So, does anyone have any idea as to whether or not they just did this for simplicity's sake or whatever (being as how Ruby and Sapphire did get released before Emerald, making Steven more "recognizable" as Champion), or did they really mean that either Ruby or Sapphire is supposed to be the canon third gen game?
    • Well, if III and I take place at the same time, then II happens 3 years after Emerald. That's plenty of time for Steven to take the title from Wallace. After all, Blue only held the title for about fifteen minutes.
    • Strictly speaking, May or Brendan was the Champion of Hoenn at the end of Ruby, Sapphire, AND Emerald. It is likely that Steven was really just calling himself a Champion of Hoenn, and there was an error in translation (as Japanese really doesn't explicitly differentiate the cases, as far as I know).
  • Everytime the player comes across a pair of twins, they're both girls. Here's the thing, Tate and Liza are twins, yet Tate is a boy. Every twin you've encountered is a girl and very few people can actually tell that Tate's a boy anyway, so why make Tate a boy at all?
    • So Tate and Liza could stand out from the normal twins? I mean, yeah, they could have made Tate look less like Liza, but it's (a bit) easier to tell in their official art, and it would be a bit boring if gym leaders did the same things that all the normal trainers did.
  • There's one trainer on Route 113 who always confused me. There is a Parasol Lady who has a Numel who says that she uses her parasol to shield her Numel from the volcanic ash. But why would Numel, of all Pokemon, need to protected from volcanic ash? It's a Fire/Ground type that's BASED off of a volcano (crossed with a camel) so one would expect that a Numel would love being around volcanic ash! Or maybe that's the joke and the trainer is projecting her own needs on her Pokemon (like maybe she hates the ash so she assumes her Pokemon would too).
    • Yeah, it's almost certainly a projecting your needs on your pet joke. If it was snowing she'd dress it in a sweater. Just like how people will put them on Shih Tzus and other small dogs even if they have naturally warm coats.
  • Why do people hate the Hoenn games so much? No backwards compatibility? Suck it up. Hoenn did everything right. They took us to a new, beautiful tropical region, far away from our old stomping grounds to give us a fresh start into the world of Pokemon. They revamped the berry system, giving them official names and making it seem more like realistic species of fruit than just some random health item with a classification. They introduced abilities, which gave Pokemon battles a whole new edge; an contact ability could turn the tide if activated in time. They introduced the original forms of Contests, and Emerald introduced Battle Tents, both of which are very entertaining distractions from Gym Battles, and yet even these get hate. The Hoenn soundtrack sounded fantastic, it's impressive, it's powerful, it makes you realise you are here and this game is happening! The Pokemon designs in Hoenn are fun, unique, and creative, moreso than any other region in the game. Hoenn is a tropical region, and Game Freak took full advantage of that with the immense diversity we see in the Pokemon found here, as well as the interesting choice of colours and body shapes. Most importantly, Generation III's Hoenn games are the first with something actually resembling a plot. I know, Generation IV's Platinum would do it better, and Generation V's Black and White are heralded for their plot (though not often as much for their Pokemon designs), but unlike Generation V, the plot in Gen III, while simpler, isn't linear', they don't hold your hand and make you proceed in a straight line like a Jurassic Park tour, with the little voice in your head telling you where the easiest solution to a problem is, you're free to explore, to figure everything out on your own, and enjoy the beautiful new world given to us. And yet people still hate it. Why!?
    • Because Gen III introduced a lot of junk rare pokemon and a geography that, while gorgeous, only served to be a pain in the ass to navigate. A lot of the pokemon were junk rare or even at that, pokemon that were dual/opposite themed: Sun&Moon, Volbeat & Illumise, Plusle&Minun. The plot was also head-bangingly stupid. It also removed a lot of classic pokemon in the game (not all, but a lot of classic were kicked out of the dex) with no way to obtain them. There was also another low level curve (not as bad as Gen II's, but still awful). THEN the water routes were absolutely uninteresting. And it's more or less linear then the other generations of games (though linearity is really not a bad word in video games).
  • Okay, these games are getting official remakes within gen VI. Say what? Wasn't Pokémon X and Y supposed to take place after Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, which in tern takes place after Pokémon Black and White, which in tern takes place after the IV gen games, which in tern takes place after the III gen games? Which part of the timeline does Ruby and Sapphire really take place in, now?
    • ORAS will replace RSE in the timeline. Also, the timeline is this, with X and Y taking place at the same time as Black 2 and White 2.
      • Actually X and Y can take place at any point in the timeline after Team Plasma was introduced. Whether its between the two sets of Generation 5 games or after them or during the same time as Black 2 and White 2 cannot be stated for sure. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will simply be taking place in Ruby and Sapphire's original slot, like how the Gen 1 remakes took the Gen 1 games place and the same with the Gen 2 remakes and games.
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