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Headscratchers: Mega Man Legends
  • Wait, Birdhair was by the MMBN character designer? This isn't a massive conflict of interest?
    • It bugs me this frame of thought bugs so many people. Since artists from all over the franchise were in that same design contest. The way I see it that's not a conflict of interest; that was the interest in the conflict.
  • You see any cows on Kattelox island? Where the hell are the Servbots getting the meat? Soylent Green is Carbons!
    • Fish, bird, tofu, and seitan.
  • How exactly does the model and class ranking system work? In real life, the best rank might be the lowest number or it might be the highest number.
    • Models are synonymous with classes in here AFAIK. The class rankings go something like this, highest to lowest:
      • The Master (President|Now deceased)
      • Yuna and Sera (Congresspersons)
      • Bureaucratic Models (Politicians governor and below|Juno's Normal form)
      • Purifier-Purifier Models (Internal Affairs agents|Juno's second body)
      • Purifier Models (Cops|Volnutt)
      • Giant Reaverbots (Second Amendment Junkies)
      • Normal Reaverbots (Average Joe)
  • Okay, this has to be asked: what the Hell ended the world?!
    • Dr. Wily, Sigma, Dr. Weil, Zero.
    • As far as I can see; the series being retconned into the end of the timeline did. Hell if the conclusion of the X series, the Zero Series, and ZX series actually had the exact scenario planned. But what they knew they were doing was driving the headcount down towards the last human.
    • Given the ending to ZX Advent, and the lack of a sequel, the safest assumption seems to be that Master Thomas succeeded in resetting the world somehow.
  • Do we ever have any actual proof Juno's backup data was deleted? Acknowledging a reroute command does not confirm deletion of data.
  • How does Trigger use things like his vacuum arm? He's practically missing half his arm.
  • Been eight years since Legends 2 was released. Think Volnutt's Trigger's experiencing that in real time?
    • It'd seriously put a dent into the reputations of the incredibly motivated pair of Gadgeteer Geniuses if would've taken them this long to master something as rudimentary as applied orbital rocket science.
  • Cybernetics are apparently common in the Legends timeline, yet no one ever questions why Mega Man is already equipped with a gun and can replace an entire arm with a weapon and immediately use it properly.
    • He's not replacing his actual arm: he's replacing the arm section of his armor: his actual arm goes inside the weapon.
  • Everyone's ears were covered (or cybernetically replaced) in the Mega Man ZX series. Why are everyone's ears exposed now?
    • Because these aren't humans, or even the human/reploid hybrids of ZX. These are a humanoid-robot slave race known as the "carbons" left behind by the extinction of their human/reploid creators, who were presumably mostly earless.
  • Why do the Carbons keep getting referred to as a "slave race"? Their purpose was never stated one way or the other. For all we know, the Master created them so he could spend his solitude playing Sim-City.
  • Are Volnutt, Juno, Data, Sera, and Yuna all Reploids and not Carbons? They seem to be of a much more robotic nature, what with being able to be sealed away for extremely long periods of time without any nutrients. Not to mention, Juno constantly refers to the Carbons as if he's not one of them, and if I recall correctly, wasn't there a part of the Japanese script of the first game that features Mega Man being called an "Irregular Hunter" (AKA Maverick Hunter)? It's just strange how the games mention the Master was the last human, but these characters are the last Reploids and nobody cares.
    • I think it's because 1: There are 10000 robots on Eden station, and two, from a very cynical perspective, you can just build more robots. Granted, you could also clone more humans, which was the plan, but right now there doesn't seem to be any sort of interdiction against that, unlike the humans.
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