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Trivia: Mega Man Legends
  • Author Existence Failure: A very unusual case. Fans feared for years that Keiji Inafune, who had been lobbying his superiors at Capcom for years to let him do a third game, would either leave Capcom or retire before he could pull it off. The trope was seemingly averted when, ten years after Legends 2, Inafune finally announced that development for the sequel was underway. A month later, Inafune left Capcom. Development of Legends 3 has continued without him, but considering that the game still hasn't gotten the final greenlight for production, there's still a possibility that the trope might end up getting played straight.
    • As of this announcement, the trope has indeed been played straight. (By its cancellation, not Inafune's death as in most cases of the trope, thank goodness.)
  • Crack Is Cheaper: The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. Good luck finding it for under a hundred dollars, though, although this is probably due to the fact that it's a Gaiden Game, is fairly old now, and isn't too common. It's also not getting a digital rerelease, as the rights for a song supposedly expired, and a physical release is unlikely considering the sales of the series.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: The first game had Mega Man voiced by male VA Corey Sevier, but the second game the voice was given to Susan Roman, who voiced Mayor Amelia in the first game.
    • In many reviews of the second game, this voice change was a constantly-brought-up complaint - not because the voice acting was bad, but because at the time no one knows why it was changed. The original VA was only 14 when the first game came out. Apparently his voice changed too much between the first and second games for him to be viable and/or they wanted a VA who would be able to do his voice consistently.
      • In the wake of Legends 3's cancelation, the fanbase has taken up several translation projects on their own, including a full translation with voice acting of Rockman DASH: Big 5 Island Adventure. Rock's voice is done by Head Admin of the Legends Station forums, Dashe, a young woman who sounds so much like Corey Sevier from the original Legends that it's scary. It can be watched here.
  • Development Hell: An odd case where it wasn't in development, but it still fits: Keiji Inafune expressed a desire to make Legends 3 for quite some time, and fans certainly wanted it, but the relatively low sales of the first two games meant Capcom wasn't willing to invest in it. Until they did and then they didn't and it was sent back to development hell, or worse.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Pikachu is Bon, Sailor Jupiter is Mayor Amelia in the first game, and Megs himself in the second.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Hold onto these games if you own a copy; as Technology Marches On they have become very rare and are unlikely to ever be re-released. See Screwed by the Lawyers for an explanation.
  • The Other Darrin: Corey Sevier was Mega Man's voice in Legends 1. He grew up, with his voice significantly changing, so he was replaced by Susan Roman in Legends 2.
  • Rule34 Creator Reactions: Hideki Ishikawa, the game's official character designer actually made Rule 34 of the game's female characters, much to Capcom's dismay.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Capcom is well-aware that fans are calling for these games to be released for digital download, and they'd like to do it; the problem is the legal hoops they'd need to jump through. Capcom outsourced the English voice acting for the two games to another company that has since gone under, so they have no idea who owns the rights to the voice acting or if the contracts signed back then would allow them to reuse the voice clips for a re-release anyway. Thus if they wanted to re-release them they'd need to either do full remakes, or hire new voice actors and record the dialogue all over. While the latter is feasible, Sony does not allow developers to change the source code for releases of games on the Playstation Network, so Capcom would need to release the games through another means, which comes with its own obvious share of problems because then they'd need to find a way to make Nintendo or Microsoft consoles emulate original Playstation games.
  • What Could Have Been: Mega Man Legends 3.

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