Headscratchers / Last Scenario

  • Just what is the Gate to Elysium, and what kind of sadistic monster created it? We find out what it does, but we never find out why it was made, or who did it. The Havali certainly didn't, as one NPC says that the Towers, which are obviously connected, just sprung up a few months ago out of nowhere. Unless whatever created the Gate in the first place decided to be merciful and create the keys to the place? But that still makes little sense. And why do you need to destroy their "will" in order to free them? (Speaking of which, how do they have fully-intact corporeal bodies? Can they become corporeal at will?) I know it's probably just an excuse for boss fights, but still. And again, who created the thing in the first place?! They must have been seriously messed up if they inflicted And I Must Scream on these people. Even if they were kind of evil, as Lorenza says, no one deserves an eternity in complete solitude like that...even Alexander got sent there, which makes no sense since he was the only one who tried to right his wrongs in life. Also, if you beat the game without freeing them, they're stuck there forever...
    • The Gate is possibly kind of a part of their way of atonement (the names of the Towers and the dialogues with the captives of the Gate imply it). It seems like a god (it could be Rashnu, who seems to be an incarnation of justice) or the planet itself (hence the optional secret boss, it seems to be kind of a mighty living creature) is just, but cruel and going too far. Imagine if such a creature watched the actions of the heroes and created the Towers and the Gate, and after their death, the creature restored their physical bodies. Possibly, they were only granted salvation if "true heroes" who exceed them in power consider them worthy to be redeemed and go on a quest to free them?
  • The Third Entalar Seal is, according to Ethan, the most heavily guarded seal. And yet there isn't even a -geist boss at the end guarding it. I'm sure they've got a lot of soldiers there, but the other seals had random monsters — which are stronger than soldiers, might I add — as well as bosses at the end guarding the seals themselves. And yet the third seal has neither. You only fight a boss because Castor realizes "Oh crap they need backup" and sends Flynn.
    • For the player it's a little bit disappointing, that's true. But don't ignore the characters' point of view. The first two seals were very easily accessible for anyone who was strong enough without being noticed. As for the third one: They were only able to get near it because Alison decided to do Ethan one last favour. Otherwise they would have had to fight their way through. On Kingdom territory...
      • That's a good point, but it still doesn't make sense that the seal itself is completely unguarded except for a few soldiers. They probably should have made another -geist monster to guard it at least.
      • Probably the monsters that you encounter when re-entering the Seal were already there in designated areas, but not sufficiently tested and optimized to be used in combat yet, and Flynn decided to take on the protagonists herself instead of causing the deaths of many soldiers and possibly civilians by releasing the beasts (I'm not completely sure whether that's coherent with the events at the seal, but Keltena's Let's Play somehow currently refuses to load, so I can't check). For the "-geist"... it might have "mutated" into the Strangelets due to massive biorite exposure when the Shield of Entalar broke (though that's entering Epileptic Trees territory).
  • What the heck is that? This looks like Ethan uses a cellphone. And even more, he uses it to call Phantom. Is there any explanation for this?
    • Yes, there is. It's an orb that Phantom gave to Ethan after breaking him out that they would use to communicate if they both got out of the facility alive. Ethan actually says this during The Reveal on the Brunhild I.
  • Why is the music for Entalar Palace still dark and ominous after Ortas' death?
  • Going into the technical aspects for a moment: Does anyone else have problems with AVG thinking this game is malware? This has happened twice in two days since downloading it, and I can't get AVG to leave it alone.
    • AVG (and many other AV programs, to be honest) like to mislabel games made in RPG Maker programs as potentially dangerous.
  • Why didn't Drakovic just ally with Wilhelm and Hilbert instead of making a desperate attempt to conquer Herzog? Both Pargon and the Empire were extremely weakened, and they shared an enemy. Felgorn would have fallen soon either way, but probably against the Kingdom instead of the empire, and many losses on both sides would've been avoided.
    • The answer is pretty simple, pride and lack of belief in the other party.
  • Why did Alison have to perform a Heroic Sacrifice? Couldn't they have just dropped Tiamat out the hatch without jumping too? I don't think it's ever explained why they had to be grappling the entire time.