Awesome / Last Scenario

  • When Moritz uses a hill as a ramp to launch your amphibious boat into the air and onto the enemy's airship.
  • Not to mention Joanna flattening Helio with a rockslide.
  • Wilhelm's "World of Cardboard" Speech that singlehandedly turned the tide of a battle.
  • Hilbert saving Castor at the end.
  • The fight with Zawu above Entalar. At the beginning of the game, she said she was a noncombatant prophet. Here, she shows she lied and is capable of kicking your ass from Monday to Sunday. While any RPG boss would be in the same situation she is, with Zawu, it's different; she's indecisive throughout the entire fight and holding back, yet she still is capable of beating you down. Considering she defects to your side after the fight, the entire battle was just an intro to how awesome of a party member she is about to be.
  • Matilda threatening Newick and calling him out on the Farin Base scheme.
    • Dracovic even compliments her on it.
    "I envy you for doing what most of us can only dream about."
  • Felgorn taking on an entire Republic squadron on his own and winning.