Fridge / Last Scenario

  • When you break into the Biorite facility, you come across a room containing about twenty save crystals. Nothing special about them, there's just a lot. Nobody mentions anything about it. But if you return to the Third Entalar seal, you'll encounter "Killer Crystals" that try to eat you. That room was housing the experiments that created them!
  • The Gate To Elysium and the Four Towers (see WMG) have no explanation about how they exist, appeared, were created... But when you discover what Biorite truly is (and the ultimate secret boss), then you realize it's been made by the planet itself, in a form of purgatory.
  • Hilbert literally has a low intelligence stat.
    • And Ethan, whose life has basically been one long string of bad things happening to him, literally has a low luck stat.
  • In The Very Definitely Final Dungeon, you encounter a Giant Space Flea from Nowhere Mini-Boss named "Pollux". At first, it just seems weird and random, but then you realize that the Big Bad is named "Castor". Castor and Pollux were the twins that were turned into the constellation Gemini in Greek Mythology.
  • Castor gains a few more Anti-Villain points when you realize that he probably had no idea that Ethan was awake the whole time he was buried in biorite. According to what Barasur said about Tiamat, she was conscious because she was sealed against her will; all the other Havali were sleeping normally because they didn't fight it. Helio said he didn't tell Castor everything that went on at the facility and no one knew about Tiamat at that point, so Castor likely didn't realize that he would be putting his little brother in an And I Must Scream state.
  • Three major forces are called the Republic, the Empire, and the Kingdom - so you won't mess up even if you can't remember any names.