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Head Scratchers: Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
  • I can get why Pendulum summoning would be broken in the real world, considering all the archetypes out there that could abuse the crap out of the instant special summon thing, but by the standards of the various Yugioh animes (ESPECIALLY after the brokenness that was Don Thousand) it's ridiculously tame, so how can the characters really consider Pendulum summoning to be so OMGSUPERUNBEATABLE?
    • By most of those incredibly broken standards, they are often supernatural/unrevealed to the general public. This is likely why Pendulum Summoning is an issue, but it's more the case that only Yuya so far is capable of performing it.
    • Yep. There is a very short list of cards that have been used bu multiple people, even after 1000 episodes, so people just rolled with it when they have never seen E-Hero Neos or ZW - Tornado Bringer before, but Yuya pushed it by creating his own card type, which is what made everyone call BS on him.
    • And in the case of Neos it actually was a legitimate card, it just got sent into space.
  • Yuya mentions having watched recordings of his duel, so how did it take him three hundred duels to replicate Pendulum summoning? Did he not take the time to examine his cards? Or even just pay attention to the words he spoke (something to the effect of "Now I can summon any monster from level 2 to 7!")? Is this just another case of Idiot Hero?
    • Notice that he replicates the conditions exactly as they were in his duel against Ishijima. It would take a fair number of duels to get the exact same hand (in many of them, he was likely testing other Pendulum Monsters, like Odd-Eyes and the Entermate ones) especially as, since it's offscreen, he won't have super drawing skills. Though the number is a little extreme. It's also likely that due to the odd nature of the Summon, he hasn't joined the dots when it comes to Scales and Levels (which, considering having something in between a number is a new concept for the game, is not that far-fetched.)
    • The experimenting thing might be a good explanation since episode 9 shows that he doesn't necessarily need the two magician cards to make a pendulum summon.
    • He just watched the conditions he was when he pendulum summoned, but it's unlikely the camara was able to record the specific cards he used nor the places the cards needed to be put to be able to pendulum summon (notice that in his duel with Yuzu he tried to use other cards instead of the two magicians and he also puts them in the wrong places).
  • Why did Sawatari's buddies make such a big deal about Xyz Summoning? They say that the class on it is one of the highest level in their schcool, but the rules for it are pretty simple, and everyone should at least know the basics.
    • Because they're morons? The Dark Duelist did say that their dueling (specifically Sawatari's) didn't have the "sharpness of a blade or the precision of a bullet".
  • For that matter why is Fusion Summoning a big deal? It's been part of the game since the games inception and is one of the most basic things in the game.
    • For both the above points, it's implied/stated that LDS have been hoarding the special summoning methods to themselves. Sora claims it's normal where he comes from, suggesting that his home might be beyond their reach for now.
  • Why wasn't Ritual Summoning given a course at LDS? Granted, Ritual monsters don't come from the Extra Deck, but they're a unique summoning method that's rarely seen.
    • Who knows? Given that they're also making a comeback in the OCG/TCG, they might appear later. Confirmed to do so.
    • Actually, if one looks at the poster where Yuya reads off the Summon courses in Episode 3, there's clearly a blue column next to the purple (Fusion), white (Synchro), and black (Xyz) columns, so they do have a Ritual course. The above-mentioned "not part of the Extra Deck" thing probably means it's just not as popular.
  • Even if the You Show Duel School loses to LDS and the latter absorbs him, what makes them think that Yuya would just willingly tell them all the deets on Pendulum summoning? And unless they can get to mass-producing Pendulum cards instantly, it would be hard to teach about them when only one or two people can use them.
    • For that matter, what gives a duel school the authority to mass produce cards? We aren't talking about Industrial Illusions that created the game, this is just a school that can teach people how to duel. And if they can indeed mass produce them legally (say, having the rights to produce the cards, like having bought out I2) why do they need Yuya? Reiji already knows exactly how the cards work, and it's not like someone can have a patent on a type of summon (that we know of) so why not just make their own pendulum monsters if they have that option?
    • He'd probably be under contract to do so if LDS took over. Also note that Reiji has claimed to have a near-complete understanding of Pendulum monsters now, possibly to the point that they can be mass-produced.
      • But what keeps Yuya from going "LOL I quit" and just leaving the school in general? I mean, it doesn't appear to be mandatory to attend a dueling school as Gongenzaka doesn't attend one, and they aren't competing over forcing Yuya to join the school, they're taking the school itself. I don't really see how Yuya is in any way inclined to remain with the school if he doesn't want to, and You-Show doesn't OWN pendulum summoning, Yuya is just the only person who has pendulum monsters. He could leave whenever he wants, or just quit right before the last guy loses, so the school still doesn't get pendulum summoning.
    • What I don't get is why isn't LDS being more diplomatic in their approach? I mean, they don't need the school or Yuya, as far as I can tell, they just need the rights. Why make a challenge you might not win when you could just offer Yuya a ton of money for the details on pendulum summoning? Even if he said no (which he probably would) they never even consider that approach. I mean, at least Kaiba offered to trade for the Blue-Eyes before he took it from Grandpa.
    • Himika did make an off-hand mention of wanting to punish Yuya for embarrassing her school.
    • A few things— LDS is only a part of the Leo Corporation. The Leo Corporation manufactures the new duel disks as well as the technology that creates Action Duels. Furthermore, it seems that cards need to be engineered as opposed to simply printed (for whatever reason), as implied by Reiji's slips of cardboard "malfunctioning" as well as V/Christopher Arclight creating RUM Argent Chaos Force "with science"— all of this would suggest Duel Monster cards require a great deal of R&D to produce, thus necessitating large companies such as Leo. Himika also explicitly stated that she wanted Leo to have a total global monopoly on duel schools— meaning LDS would be the only way to receive official Duel Monsters education (because you need that much information to understand a children's trading card game). Let's not forget that this is Yu-Gi-Oh!; such card games are not only Serious Business, but literally control the fate of not just the entire planet Earth, but also various alien worlds. The Leo Corporation having such power of Duel Monsters would certainly have its advantages to its CEOs. As it stands, it's probably safe to assume that the size, scale, and influence of Leo grants it N.G.O. Superpower status— governments probably cannot take it down without resorting to quirky kids with trinkets and a love of Duel Monsters and The Power of Friendship.
  • Why are children (or anyone for that matter), even allowed to play in Action Duels? Depending on where you are when something happens to one of your monsters (as seen in several episodes), either player could be seriously injured or even killed. 5D's turbo dueling required heavy licensing and safety regulations, yet Action Duels require nothing.
    • Remember that this was due to those dealing the injuries being a massive jerkass (though that begs the question of why Shuzo didn't complain. Himika likely didn't, well, because evil.) Turbo Dueling is also at far faster speeds and requires the operation of a vehicle. Also note that Action Duels can only occur in certain locations, and this is likely the very reason Duel Schools exist - so that the graduates can Action Duel legally. Most Action Fields probably aren't as dangerous as Dark Town either. On top of that, I wouldn't be surprised if there were safety protocols. Then again, considering who invented it, I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't, either.
  • So, is the black hole Overlay Network the new default? because in Zexal, that was only supposed to be for the Numbers and other plot-important Xyz monsters; everyone else had a red swirl.
    • Yes, it's the new default. I doubt the Numbers will ever appear but I guess they thought that overlay network looked so cool, they'll just make it for evey Xyz in the show now. Also fridge brilliance when you read that Xyzs are made form anti-matter.
    • Not really anything Fridge, because, well... Space Does Not Work That Way.
  • Before they got Pendulumed, Why did Yuya have the original Magicians in his deck? They didn't fit his deck theme. Were they given to him by his father or something?
    • That's the current theory, yes. In the opening, you can see Yusho standing next to a monster that looks like a stage magician, with marking similar to Odd-Eyes Dragon. All three cards may have been given to Yuya by him.
    • Magicians can be in circuses and can fit the fun theme.
      • Though his magicians aren't circus-themed; the relation is shallow at best.
    • While the Entermate/Performapal cards are circus-themed, keep in mind that Yuuya wants to entertain people with his dueling. Both circus and stage magicians would fit into the "entertainment" category.
  • Why are so many cards in this series given different effects, and often somewhat more restrictive effects. Battleguard King only being able to use his effects with Battleguards as oppose to more general warriors, the Level 5 or higher restriction of Odd Eyes and Dark Rebellion Dragons, etc etc?
    • Probably to make them less over-powered.
    • Yeah, but that's normally done when they are made into real cards. It's odd to have the in show cards weaker than the real cards
    • Well, look at this. If Odd-Eyes had its real effect, it would have wiped out Sora in one attack. Hardly entertaining, is it?
  • How Yuzu is going to use Fusion, anyway? If some of the theories around are true and LDS monopolizes the advanced ways of summoning, how Yuzu is gonna get her hands in Fusion cards and Fusion material monsters? Sora only agreed to teach her how Fusion works, and maybe he'll let her use his cards while training, but soon she'll be in need of her own cards to built her own deck, which would be quite the challenge.
    • Several possibilities. She and Sora could break into LDS, Sora could somehow be able to create cards, her bracelet creates the fusion cards, a hidden card vault, a card designer defects to them.....etc etc.
    • In the same way any self-respecting duelist would do: cheating. Make a new card mid-duel. It's a series staple at this point.
    • As of episode 18, she suddenly has a Fusion Monster that fits exactly with her "Fantasia" deck theme. No explanation is given how.
    • It's been very well established since the 1st series that a fusion summon can be conducted with simply polymerization and the cards required, and the rest occurs for itself. That's why you never see the fusion monsters in an extra deck outside of the duel. Yes, that only makes sense with the holographic imagers and not in the actual card games, but that's how the show works.
      • Except this was only in Duelist Kingdom, the time before the anime card game had rules.
  • Why don't more people just pack monster removal cards when battling with Yuya? As it stands now, most of his cards aren't Pendulum monsters yet, so they wouldn't just go to the Extra Deck. If someone could use, say, Raigeki Break, he'd have a smaller hand size and less monsters, which would seriously disturb the use of Pendulum Summoning. Considering we have LDS students who can flood the field with powerful monsters, they would only have to worry about Spell and Trap cards.
    • A couple of reasons. For one thing, Raigeki Break shrinks the users hand, not Yuya's. At the same time, Pendulum Monsters are new. People have not yet managed to come up with strategies against them. Arguably the only one who has a deck set up to counter them is Sawatari with his Mobius Cards.
    • "Where are all of the cards that destroy monsters without battle" is pretty much an eternal question in regards to the Yu-Gi-Oh anime.
    • Hilarious in Hindsight: This is exactly what Michio's deck does to Yuya.
  • In Episode 16, Michio attacks Whip Viper with the 2200/1000 Royal Cookmate Prince Curry. Why the hell did Yuya not use Whip Viper's quick effect to switch Prince Curry's ATK and DEF?
    • It's effect is different in the anime, it doesn't work on the opponents turn
  • Why wasn't the Duel Disk able to recognize that Yuzu put a Fusion Monster in the Main Deck?
    • Rule of Funny? Perhaps even though the Duel Disks are automated they might have a simple design in them, similar to Dueling Programs in Real Life. You put cards in and the Disk follows the logical progression of the program in the cards regardless of what's in the deck. Like the Real Life Dueling Programs, even if you put in a mismatched card, it will not warn you (unless it's banned or something).
    • Duel disks are card readers and hologram projectors, which is why they don't have issues with new cards, since they just follow the instructions programmed into them. And Dueling software in Real Life (such as Dueling Network) doesn't allow you to put Extra Deck cards in the Main Deck, or vice versa. Rule of Funny does explain it though, albeit making it appear poorly in execution.
    • In regards to this, note that the duel disk may not read the cards in the deck as it has in earlier series. It wouldn't know the fusion monster was in there until she tried to play it from her hand.
    • It does seem to read cards in the Extra Deck, though, considering that when an Extra Deck summon is performed it pops open and delivers the necessary card. Lacking that system in the main deck seems a bit backwards.
    • Computer programs operate in somewhat specific ways and don't handle deviations all that well. It's actually not that unexpected that such an little problem could mess it up.
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