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Awesome: Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
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  • Even if it comes across as an Ass Pull, Yuya's pendulum transforming his cards and allowing him to perform the very first Pendulum Summon does feature an awesome sequence and awesome BGM. His determined smile at the end of the first episode says it all.
    • Even though his Odd-Eyes Dragon + Wonder Balloon combo failed to defeat Strong, the fact remains that Yuya managed to make a champion Duelist momentarily go Oh Crap.
  • Yuzu defeating Yuya in episode 2; granted, Yuya had been more focused on trying to figure out how to perform a Pendulum Summon instead of winning, but as presented Yuzu had pretty good odds of winning anyway, and in this franchise, the female lead beating the male lead in the second episode is a major step in the right direction.
  • Sora Shiun'in makes his debut via beating Shingo and his gang with a lollipop stick. Seriously, he beats them up by throwing a LOLLIPOP STICK!
  • The whole concept of "Action Dueling" is awesome in itself: You can summon a monster and actually ride it through the battlefield. "Card Games on Motorcyles" meet "Card Games on Duel Monsters."
  • Episode 4, from the moment Yuya recovers the stolen Pendulum Monsters all the way to the end of the Duel, making a literal show of taking down the overly-arrogant elitist Shingo for his friends who had been held hostage up to that point.
  • Episode 7. Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon!
    • Yuzu deserves a ton of credit for standing up to Shingo and getting off a few choice insults...she didn't get to duel him like she wanted, but the girl has guts.
  • The duel in Episode 9. Never in another series did we have two decks dedicated to different types of advanced summoning be used against each other.
    • How Yuya won the duel. He used XYZ's feature against them. He played Magical Star Illusion, which had both side's monster to gain attack based on the number of levels the controller had. As Hokuto only had XYZ (which have ranks instead of levels), he had no levels. So Yuya's monsters got a major powerup while Hokuto's monsters stayed the same.
    • His revealing that he isn't limited to using the magicians to pendulum summon was a shock to everybody.
  • In Episode 10, Masumi beats Yuzu in a One Turn Kill with Gem-Knight Master Diamond by using its ability to copy that of Gem-Knight Topaz.
  • Gongenzaka's dueling style surprises everyone except Yuya, he purposely has a deck made up of nothing but monsters which is usually suicide in the game but manages not only to hold his own but almost win and even manages to shock the normally unflappable Sora into dropping his lollipop.
  • On a more minor, character-related note, when Hokuto and Yaiba begin insulting Yuya's dad, Reiji quickly yells at them to shut up. They become stiff and do so.
    • This isn't the first time he does this either. In episode 3 he's able to intimidate Shingo without raising his voice.
  • Shuzou Hiragi proved his mettle in episode 14, by executing an combo against Yuya which involved snatching Yuya's pendulum cards from his hand and summoning his teamwork based monsters. He would have won that turn had his card not prevented him from conducting his battle phase, and subsequently lost, but the combo is certainly a feat in and of itself.
  • Yuya's victory over Eita Kyuando. Not only did Yuya manage to weaponize his inability to answer quiz questions to inflict massive damage to the little freak (5000 life points, FYI), he managed to outsmart his Morton's Fork antics and nail him with Odd-Eyes.

  • In episode 1 we have a CMOA for the production team in using two monsters that haven't seen any screen time in a duel since the Duelist Kingdom Arc of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel monsters: Swamp Battleguard, and Lava Battleguard even if it was to set up for a special summon. Just goes to show that even through all the emphasis on archetypes and new summoning systems (Synchro, Xyz, and now Pendulum) that Konami and TV Tokyo haven't forgotten the monsters and sets that started the game.
  • The fact the female lead even duels. The only other girl that has been in the spotlight and duels is Aki. And even then it took a while before Aki appeared and was on the main character's side.
  • In grand Yu-Gi-Oh tradition, the main characters have cards no other player has. Be it the Egyptian God Cards, Stardust Dragon and the other Signer Dragons, the Neos/Neo Spacian family or Number Cards, this unique privilege can at times make the characters seem overpowered. The same thing happened in Arc V with Pendulum Summon, and we actually get to see people point out 'that's cheating'. This theme, while somewhat touched on in Zexal with the Number Cards, took a while to be brought up. Arc V did it far more explicitly in episode 2!
  • In episode 3, it is mentioned that there are classes at the Leo Duel School that teach Synchro Summoning and Xyz Summoning. Zexal quietly ignored the existence of Synchro Monsters, and many feared that the same would happen to both of them once Arc-V came around.
  • Episode 5 has a meta moment of awesome with Sora fusion summoning. This is huge, as 5Ds and Zexal more or less ignored other special summons to focus on their new summoning methods (Synchro and Xyz). The fact the producers decided to focus on another special summon besides Pendulum is simply amazing.
    • Fridge Brilliance sets in when you remember that Pendulum Summoning can easily be used in tandem with older summoning methods.
  • Normally cards from the anime and OCG cards tend not to overlap, with most Archetypes such as Hieratics getting a token cameo at best. Not so with Arc-V, as in Episode 9, Hokuto explicitly uses a Constellar deck, including performing an Xyz Change into Constellar Ptolemy M7. For those who've always lamented how few of these cool Archetypes never showed up in the anime, this is truly an awesome moment.
  • Yaiba reintroduces Synchro Summoning to the Yu-Gi-Oh anime in epic fashion by summoning both X-Saber Souza and XX-Saber Gottoms in ONE turn. They even kept the Synchro Summon animation similar to the one from 5D's.
  • Reji proves his merit by doing something any other duelist in canon has yet to do; use ALL THREE major summoning methods in one duel (XYZ, Synchro and Fusion).
    • And in the very next episode, he adds Pendulum Summon to that list.
  • If you think Odd-Eyes looks kind of cool, take a look at Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon (possibly one of the "evolutions" of Odd-Eyes, it looks awesome.
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