Haiku / Regular Show

Blue jay and raccoon
Best friends who work at a park
The title's a lie

Here we have two of
a gumball machine's workers...
Crap past the radar?!?!

This show started from...
2 in the AM/PM.
"Why" is this for kids?!

Beavis And Butthead
meets Aqua Teen Hunger Force
And boy, does it show!

Dudetime is to AXE,
as lady pecs are to boobs.
And need I go on?

Musical power
Thanks to a magic keyboard.
No, seriously dude!
—> SizzlyBacon

Mordecai the bird
Likes Margaret a whole lot, but
She never sees it.

Normal Slices Of Life,
Cause cataclysmic events.
"It's Anything But."

Coffee comes from pecs.
Candy, birds, and raccoons talk.
What's going on here?!

A Gumball Machine
Hating everyone, he should
Treat them all better.
—> Calamity Jane

Gumball machine fired
and replaced with chick from Hell.
Benson saves the day.
Sizzly Bacon

To beat an Ear Worm,
with another Ear Worm needs
Benson's rocking drums!
—> DeepC

A hipster blue jay
and a mainstream raccoon are
ironically bros
—> SmartyArse

"Ello Gov'nor" is
Rigby's scary movie, but
Mordecai hates it.
—> DeepC

To earn a day off,
they show a horror movie,
then zombies attack.

When you get a jinx,
never write your name backwards
or all Hell breaks loose!

Regular workers,
Irregular stuff happens,
We both just go "whoooooooooa!"
Scarlet Yoshi

You know who else likes
to write poems about
this series? MY MOM!

Mordecai, Rigby
Friends don't let down other friends.
You two are losers.

Maximum glove prize,
But they never pick their friends.
You should have picked me.

Don't trust the title
Trippy and radar combine!
This show is awesome!
—>— Stuffedninja

One shot for Rigby
Two for the duo's antics
Three on Mordecai
—> Andrew Maltani