Haiku / Naruto

Ninja in orange
A demon in his stomach
Wants to be leader
LE Xicon 712

Blondie prankster kid
Shapeshifts into busty girls
Demon fox? Really?

He was a better villain
Than Madara is.

Dude with god complex
Left Konoha a crater
Got owned by a book.

All 'bout Sasuke,
Everywhere Uchihas,
Artifact Title?
- Zelnor

Everyone hates it
Just because it's popular
And the Uchihas.
- Arutoa

Awesome blue shark guy
Died in an anticlimax
Got his head chopped off


All we knew was wrong
Kishimoto screwed with us
Kisame still lives?
Pom Rania

Kids were friends/rivals
They became best enemies
Obssesion ensued.Zerah 92

First it's really great,
Then it sort of does decline,
But now getting good?
—Psalm of Fire

Kishi breaks aesops
Like a bull shatters china
I am disappoint.
—T. Uzoma
Sasuke Uchiha,
Last surviving Uchiha
my ass, Masashi.
The Druid Alchemist

Haku looked cuter
Without a hole through his chest
Thank you, Kakashi
Space Invader 42359

People arguing
I just point and laugh and say
Watch the explosions.

Got a bit of a down-grade.
Wins two on-screen fights.

Main Villian Tobi
Not Uchiha Madara!?!
Who the hell is he!?!

Ship fans of this work
Are obviously begging
To be trolled real hard
Anime Badger

If Earl Hickey met
Sasuke, he'd say, "Boy... Karma's
Thunderstreak Man