Haiku / Kirby

Little pink puff-ball
Sucks, but not in a bad way
Go get 'em, Kirby!

A cute pink beanbag
Fights to save a Sugar Bowl
From cosmic horrors.

What harm could you do?
Whoa, you just sucked up tons of
Baddies. How awesome!

He's a suckup
Wait, is he a UFO?!
That's freaking awesome!

Dream Land in trouble?!
Here comes Kirby! Never fear,
Real Men Wear Pink!

Good-bye, Waddle Doo
Press down on the D-Pad now
Beam it, Waddle Dee!

Magolor wants parts
Uh-oh, now he's big and scary
You'd better ask Landia

Pink warrior hungers
For the crimson tomato.

Little pink hero
Is actually friendless
Still tries to help them
(you know it's true)

Battle with the Knight
One slash breaks his mask in two
Wait, he's Blue Kirby?