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Genre Deconstruction: Other
  • Reductio Ad Absurdum is one of the major proof techniques; a style of argument that does this to its opposition. It takes the opponent's argument and logically follows it through to an absurd or indefensible conclusion.
  • The well-known Aesop "Be Careful What You Wish For" operates in this way. Person X makes wish Y. Wish Y is granted to person X. Wish Y then manages to have sufficiently negative unintended consequences on person X's life that wish Y now looks like a ridiculous thing to wish for. Thus, Wish Y is deconstructed.
  • When it opened in 1967, the Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride at Disneyland was intended to be a deconstruction of the romanticized, swashbuckling Pirate that was popular during The Golden Age of Hollywood. While still pretty lighthearted as far as deconstructions go, it does feature a pirate ship attacking a small Caribbean town, pirates dunking the mayor in the well in order to get information out of him, pirates auctioning off women, pirates chasing women, and pirates getting drunk and burning down the town... all of which is Played for Laughs. The final show scene in the attraction shows a few pirates in an armory drunkenly firing at gunpowder barrels, which they mistake for rum barrels. "Dead men tell no tales", indeed. Conversely, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (which were loosely based on the ride) serve as a Reconstruction to the romanticized, swashbuckling Pirate trope that the original attraction had denounced.

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