Funny / Wade Barrett

  • When Barrett changed his theme to the... divisive song "Just Don't Care Anymore", many took to his Twitter to express how much they disliked it. After awhile, Barrett got annoyed and tweeted that the next person who told him his theme sucked was going to get blocked. It didn't take long for someone to respond.
  • In a video he took for using a stolen camera (that someone "left lying around"), he went and asked some questions to the various members of the WWE locker room. One of them was Zack Ryder, who was asked how it feels to have the second most popular WWE web show. Barrett's response when asked what the first was?
    Barrett: Wade Wade Wade, you know it!
  • Barrett interrupts a Triple H promo. Triple H reacts with a swift boot to Barrett's junk. When his match starts against The Miz, Miz's first non-strike technique just happens to be an inverted atomic drop. Toward the end of the match, Barrett tries to go with the big boot. Miz slips out of the way, resulting in Barrett getting hung up on the top rope.
    • The follow-ups were hilarious as well. First was a short Tout (by someone else) of Barrett in the locker room, wailing in pain with a massive bag of ice on his groin. Even later, he send out a tweet saying that he swelling had finally went down and to rest assured that both of his "plums" were still there.
  • In a backstage segment not 6 days away from Money in the Bank 2013, himself, Zeb Colter, Jack Swagger, Antonio Cesaro, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow and Fandango are all present. Fandango then tries to perform his Say My Name schtick even though Barrett and Colter warn him not to. He tries to do it anyway, only for Barrett to clock him mid-sentence. Rhodes and Sandow found this highly amusing.
  • Being hired as a barber by Vince McMahon to try to shave Daniel Bryan's beard, only to have the tables turned on him.
  • His Bad News Barrett segments on the JBL & Cole Show.
  • Bad News Barrett tries to deliver some good news.
  • This gif in particular after a victory, from the totally unnecessary combat roll to being glomped by Rusev.