Funny: Under Siege

  • Krill in a dress and makeup, asking Strannix if he needs psychological help, to which Strannix shakes his head.
    • Ironic no?
  • Strannix is arguing on the phone with his French arms dealer friend when Mr Pitt sees the SEAL team attempting to approach the Missouri undetected.
    Pitt: Strike team is in range and...locked on.
    Strannix: (into phone) Kill 'em. (beat with sudden sounds of French invective coming down phone) ....No no Francois...not you, not you.
  • In the second film, Major-General Cooper's reaction to being told that the Kill Sat was made to be undetectable.
    Cooper: But not undetectable to us, dammit!
  • In the sequel, when Dane tells Ryback that he will never be able to decode and disable satellite control program in time, Ryback responds by simply shooting the notebook, causing an Oh, Crap moment for the villain.
  • The scene where Ryback stuffs Jordan Tate into a locker... and she is claustrophobic. Even a badass like Ryback simply can't resist those Puppy-Dog Eyes.
    Tate: I hate being alone...
  • When it's pointed out Ryback was shot in the arm in the second film, he doesn't even give it a second look.
    You think this is being shot? This ain't being shot.
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