Awesome: Under Siege

  • Ryback's blowing up a Chinook using paint thinner and blowing up the submarine with a little help from just a few others.
  • Ryback manages to drop a giant piece of the bad guys' rail system right onto some random bad guy's chest. Even Strannix is impressed:
    [to Daumer] "Why didn't you hire this man? He would have been WORTH IT."
  • The final knife fight between Strannix and Ryback is pretty fucking sweet.
  • Daumer has Ryback dead-to-rights, but Jordan shows up at the last second and shoots the bad guy dead
  • The sinking of the North Korean sub.
  • Ryback's final showdown with Penn in the sequel Dark Territory.
  • Bobby the Porter was kind of annoying to some people, but he did have one certifiably AWESOME moment when a bad guy had him at gunpoint and demanded he empty his pockets...
    "The only thing I got in my pocket is YOUR ASS!" [pulls out gun and shoots bad guy dead]
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