Funny / Tim Dorsey

  • Serge's psychiatric evaluation in the beginning of Cadillac Beach. Too long to post here, but particularly the section about Crazy Luke.
    • "Yup, gonna chop me some heads."
    • Also in Beach, Serge had finally been caught and placed in a high-security psych ward. He proceeds to act like he's in an episode of Hogan's Heroes and gets his fellow inmates to dig out the most inept escape tunnel ever made. While the guards are all busy laughing at the other inmates trying to crawl into the useless hole, Serge simply hides in the laundry truck and escapes that way.
  • The death by toilet in Gator A Go-Go
  • The climax of The Big Bamboo.
  • The early novels had a minor drug cartel as a recurring villain group pursuing the stolen - and jinxed - suitcase of money. By Stingray Shuffle they were officially the worst cartel (someone has to be, after all) and were suffering the indignities of having the power company turn off their lights. The kicker? They were Russians pretending to be South American, and they had foolishly called themselves the Mierda Cartel. None of them spoke Spanish and no one had the heart to tell them.
    • When the cartel hears about the bigger groups' attempt to build their own submarines for smuggling operations, the Mierda Cartel decides to build their own... and use the blueprints for the 19th-Century HL Hunley as the cheapest available model. Then the cartel boss watches the inaugural voyage and learns why the Hunley never made it back from its first (and only) mission.
  • Listening in to any time Serge is bedding a woman. The woman is usually in the throes of the most incredible relief in her life... and Serge is busy chatting about whatever trivial bit about Florida he's obsessing over that particular book chapter.