Funny / 300

  • When the Spartans are regrouping after the first battle (read: killing wounded Persian soldiers), and Leonidas receives an offer to parlay:
    Leonidas: (takes a bite of an apple, speaks with his mouth full) There's no reason we can't be civil, is there?
    Spartan: (stabbing a wounded Persian) None, sire.
  • Leonidas in general during the parlay, throwing back Xerxes's one-liners with his own. He's deliberately trying to piss off Xerxes and his dialogue is glorious.
  • Astinos recalling Stelios' comment about how the Spartans will "fight in the shade" while the Spartans are all hiding under their shields to avoid a sun-blocking barrage of arrows.
    Astinos: (Starts to laugh)
    Stelios: What's so funny?
    Astinos: You had to say it.
    Stelios: Say what?
    Astinos: ...Fight in the shade!
  • While Ephialtes is parlaying Xerxes on his tent, several of the Persian dancers start to make suggerent motions around the hunchbacked. One of them even does pelvic thrusts towards his groin to the sound of the music. The scene pretends to be allegoric, but you are forgiven if you could not help yourself and chuckled your ribcage off.
    • A similar scene occurs before, when Xerxes approaches Leonidas from behind during their meeting and starts to stroke his shoulders in a not very subtle way.
  • The "Oh, Crap!" look in a Persian mercenary when realizing one of their blackpowder grenades has rolled near their entire arsenal.