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Funny: The Tick
  • If the Tick says something, chances are its going to be funny.
  • This may sum up The Tick's personality and sense of humor at the same time. In "The Tick vs. The Tick," Barry, another costumed Tick shows up to claim the rights to the name (his costume resembles more of a tick than The Tick). They have this exchange:
    Barry: Where's that jerk who calls himself The Tick?
    The Tick: I am that jerk!...Who wants to know?
  • When The Deadly Bulb did a Heel-Face Turn: and called himself Pig-Leg, his new goal being to ensure his pig-leg was happy.
  • "The Tick vs. Chairface Chippendale" when Arthur screams out "Jerk!" as he, Tick, and American Maid are lowered into the gator pit.
  • "We are a justice sandwich, no toppings necessary!"
  • Chairface Chippendale's plan to write his name on the moon fails, resulting in the surface of the moon only reading "CHA". In a later episode, the moon gets nuked, blowing the C away in the process. Now the moon reads "HA", eternally mocking all life on the planet.
  • "Josef Stalin, grab onto my armored mumu, and together we will leave this foul earth behind!"
  • From the episode "Ants in Pants":
    TV Announcer: This is not a test. Authorities have issued a city-wide alert. Please stay tuned to this station for emergency evacuation instructions.
    TV Reporter: GET OUT OF THE CITY!!!
    • Mayor Blank's reaction to the national guard general's plan to destroy The City to eradicate the ants is really hilarious to look at.
    • There's also this exchange:
    American Maid: You know, I get the feeling we're trapped in a...Er.
    Die Fledermaus: Don't say it.
    Fish Boy: Say what?
    American Maid: We're trapped in a...Um.
    Arthur: A people farm?
    (It is shown the heroes are trapped in a life-sized ant farm)
    Everyone (and Sewer Urchin): PEOPLE FARM! AHHHH!!!
  • From "The Tick vs. The Big Nothing", what's the fastest thing in the universe? Lint. The explanation:
    Alien Interpretor: Right after you do your laundry, what's the first thing you find in your pockets?
    The Tick: Uh...crayons, change, lip balm.
    Alien Interpretor: Lint! And how does it get there?
    The Tick: Uh, I don't know?
    Alien Interpretor: IT'S THAT FAST! Prepare to enter lint-warp!
    • When entering lint-speed:
    The Tick: [Seeing clouds of lint in space] I've never seen so much lint in my life.
  • ARTHUR! Honk if you love Justice!!
  • Blow-Hole the giant whale man... perhaps the most bizzare example of a Chekhov's Gunman in recorded history.
  • When The Tick tries to give a Tick Signal to Mayor Blank.
    Mayor Blank: You guys keep trying to give me these things and they just don't work. Every time we flash the Die Fledermaus Signal he unplugs his phone and skips town for a week.
  • The Tick ends up going on a vision quest, his guide? His own disembodied head, which is only slightly less ditzier than he is.
    • At one point, The Tick has to ascend a down escalator. His spirit guide tells him to pick up the pace, which leads to The Tick griping, "I don't have little wings on my head like some people!"

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