Funny: The Pokémon Squad

  • Red's victory over Ash.
  • The movie RM and May are watching at the beginning of one episode: What Have You DONE, Charlie Brown?!
  • RM lampshading the fact that he was once a fanboy of about 20 video game girls. Ironically, this was in the same episode as the above.
  • Also in said episode, Penny's severe lisp.
  • RM's Other Friend flatout refusing to go on a date with RM.
  • Hungary mistaking RM for France.
    • Justified, RM and France DO look similar enough to be confused.
  • May dating Paul the Monkey. You can imagine, the exchanges between them are interesting to say the least.
  • When it's revealed Barney has a purple Mac Book.
  • The letter from Mayor Orange.
  • In one episode, the gang's computer breaks, and Sailor Pikachu leaves to buy a Mac. She does...kind of.
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