Funny / The Pink Panther

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    Original films (1963-93) 
  • In the opening sequence, when the Pink Panther's hand gets smashed by a hammer while it's on the typewriter, we get "!!!*?#OW!;;#(!)" on the page in a Freeze-Frame Bonus.
  • In A Shot in the Dark, Clouseau is in a multistory building where a musical is taking place. Suddenly, Clouseau hears what he believes is a scream (it's a woman singing for the audience), and is ready to knock down the door, but an usher opens the door for him, causing him to dash across the room and out an open window, falling into a pool of Soft Water down on the first floor.
    • Also, the act where Clouseau and Maria Gambrelli must enter into a nudist colony, searching for a specific person. The person they are seeking is found dead. In the end they must escape from the colony without their clothes, so as not to be framed, but they end up stuck in traffic, where onlookers discover that they are nude. They both are taken to the police station with three cops "glued" to the back window of the paddy wagon, looking in at them.
    • Made funnier by the fact that it's the culmination of a Running Gag of Clouseau being arrested and being hauled away in the same paddy wagon for failing to provide "Licenses" for his disguises, with visual gags representing most of the disguises sticking out the back of the wagon.
    • The whole watch-synchronizing bit, especially when Hercule calls Clouseau afterwards.
  • The entire chase sequence toward the end of the original Pink Panther film.
  • "Francois... I've just cut off my thumb."
    • Dreyfus lends himself to a lot of these, mostly out of his immense hatred for Clouseau.
  • In The Pink Panther Strikes Again, Clouseau jumps off the gym's parallel bars, and falls down the flight of stairs next to them.
    • Clouseau's interactions with the innkeeper:
    Clouseau: Tell me, do you have a ruhm?
    Innkeeper: I do not know what a 'ruhm' is.
    Clouseau: [laboriously looks up the word 'room' in his German dictionary] Zimmer.
    Innkeeper: [cheerfully] Ah, a ruhm!
    • And later:
    Clouseau: *sees a dog lying on the floor* Does your dog bite?
    Innkeeper: No.
    *Clouseau reaches down to pet the dog, and is bitten*
    Clouseau: I thought you said your dog does not bite!
    Innkeeper: That is not my dog.
    • This dialogue between Clouseau and Dreyfus at the beginning.
    Clouseau: I'm afraid this is just not your day, my friend.
    Dreyfus: But it is my day. It is, my friend, after three long terrible years, it is at last my day! I will not permit, repeat, not permit anything, repeat, anything to spoil it. Now I will walk you to the gate, and I will kiss you good-bye (kisses Clouseau on both cheeks) and you will drive off in your new car, which should rightfully be mine. And then I will have my interview with the Sanity Commission and they will set me free. (fake arrow hits Dreyfus on the head) (cheerfully) And then I will kill you! (begins trying to strangle Clouseau and then chases him to his car) KILL YOU!
    Clouseau: Francois, start the car! (Francois gets in and starts the car up and drives away)
    Dreyfus: (still chasing Clouseau) KILL YOU, KILL YOU! (gains on Clouseau, but an orderly grabs him and stops him) KILL HIM, KILL HIM! But I want to kill him!
    • To say nothing of Clouseau's interrogation of the staff.
    • What makes the Clouseau-Dreyfus scene great is that it starts off relatively pleasant, and Dreyfus is trying very hard to remain calm and civil, and even to like Clouseau. Clouseau is, of course, being as amiable as ever, but he constantly tips Dreyfus into the lake and the poor man's sanity gradually deteriorates.
  • Any Cato vs. Clouseau moment.
  • From Strikes Again:
    Clouseau: you ave a-rrreceived a beamp. You could receive a conceussion from such a beaump.
  • It's only an old salty Swedish sea dog.
  • From The Return of the Pink Panther:
    • The entire scene with the beggar/accordion player and his minkey.
    • Chief Inspector Dreyfuss repeatedly confusing a gun shaped cigarette lighter with an actual handgun, including shooting François in the arm and himself in the face twice!
    • Clouseau in the Lugashi museum:
    Clouseau: Of course he would need a very slippery floor.
    Lugashi Inspector: Therefore the wax.
    Clouseau: The wax? *Pratfall*
    • Clouseau's car being sabotaged, causing him to crash into a swimming pool, then soon after ANOTHER car he is driving is sabotaged, causing him to crash into the same pool while they're towing out the first car.
    • Dreyfuss threatens Clouseau:
    Dreyfuss: "If you are not out of this office in 5 seconds..."
    • And a few moments later, Dreyfuss suspends Clouseau without pay.
    Clouseau: "Can you lend me 50 franks?"
    (Dreyfuss reaches into his pocket, before catching himself)
    Dreyfuss: "Out! Out of my office!"
    • The entire sequence in Lady Litton's hotel room. For starters, the vacuum has way too much power; When accidentally pointed at the parrot, it cuts away, and when it cuts back, all you see is feathers and two bent cage bars. Then he tries cracking a safe, which turns out to actually be a radio. Then there's the lightbulb that keeps jumping out of the lamp. what really sells the whole sequence is when Clouseau foolishly puts his finger into the lamp socket, gets electrified and goes flying across the room. He rises from behind the bed, with the classic electric hairstyle, and a glowing bulb in his hand.
  • At the close of Revenge of..., when Clouseau is being shot at by Dreyfus:
    Clouseau: It's me!
    Dreyfus: I know! (continues shooting)
    • This scene:
    "Special Delivery, a Beaumb! ("bomb") were you expecting one?"
  • Curse of... is a dire film on the whole, but The Reveal that Clouseau now looks like and is played by Roger Moore is Actually Pretty Funny thanks to excellent work on the actor's part. He even makes getting an ice bucket stuck on his head work for him! It goes with the suit!
    • Also, the dream sequence where Dreyfus dives into a pool of Jell-O.

    Remake (2006-09) 
  • Ey would like to bay a AMBIERGAH!
  • Rare golden moments from the poorly received 2009 film:
    • How Pepperidge handles Avallaneda's fury:
      Avallaneda: "Is this what it's come to? That I must strip down and remove my clothes, in the sanctity of my own home, before a group of people I've only just met, just to prove my innocence!?"
      Pepperidge: "Well, it wouldn't hurt."
    • The "jojoba" scene.
    • The Pope Scene
    • Clouseau burning down the La Plata de Nada restaurant. Twice.