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The Matrix

  • This scene. It's a total curbstomp, and the guards don't see it coming at all.
    Neo walks through a metal detector and it goes off.
    Guard: [coming over to Neo with a tray in hand] Would you please remove any metallic items you are carrying? keys, loose change...
    [Neo opens his trenchcoat to reveal enough guns to kill a small city]
    Guard: Holy shit!
    [Neo strikes him hard enough to send the guy flying backwards. As the other lobby guards look up, Neo whips out twin automatic submachine guns and fires them in both directions, spraying them with bullets. One guard dives for cover]
    Last Guard: [on radio] Backup! Send backup! [A beep is heard. He looks up and sees Trinity come through the metal detector. The guard tries to draw his service revolver, but she raises a submachine pistol and shoots him]
    • Moments after the shootout when the bomb goes off in the elevator (which itself is funny because we hear a soft *ding* before it happens), it cuts to the interrogation room containing Morpheus and the Agents. In the background there's a muffled explosion, a Beat... then the sprinklers go off, drenching everyone in the room.
  • "Morpheus is fighting Neo!" *everyone rushes out of the room, one of them leaping over the table*
  • Neo's conversation with Agent Smith after being arrested.
    Neo: That sounds like a good deal. But I've got a better one. How about I give you the finger, [he does so], and you give me my phone call?
    • Not to mention Agent Smith saying "Hmm.." when Neo flipped him off.
  • After Neo finally defeats Smith, the two remaining Agents look at each other and, by wordless agreement, execute a simultaneous Screw This, I'm Outta Here!.
  • Morpheus asking Neo (without even turning his head), "Are you listening to me, Neo? Or were you staring at the woman in the red dress?"
  • "I know Kung-Fu."
    • "...Show me." (GONG!)
  • The Oracle making fun of Neo being Oblivious to Love:
    The Oracle: You're cuter than I thought. I can see why she likes you.
    Neo: Who?
    The Oracle: Not that bright, though.
  • The way Agents Smith, Brown, & Jones say everything in a very sinister, machine-like way (putting stresses on the wrong syllables, adding pauses in inappropriate places, and elongating their s's) can lead to a bit of humorous Narm Charm. For instance, the interrogation room scene:
    Agent Smith: You have a social security number, you pay your taxes, and you...[looks up dramatically] your landlady carry out her gar-bage.
    • The above exchange turns into a pretty effective Brick Joke when Morpheus describes The Matrix to Neo (an otherwise serious scene).
    Morpheus: You see the Matrix when you look out your window, or when you turn on your television. When you go to work. When you go to church. When you pay your taxes.
    • His >_<-esque facial expression after the line makes it even funnier.
    • Everytime they say "Mr. Anderson" could count, when it's not Nightmare Fuel, especially when he says it in the subway scene.
    Agent Smith: Mr. Annnderson.
  • "Come on, stop trying to hit me and HIT ME!"
  • After Neo and Trinity blow the ever-loving shit out of the ground floor, Agent Jones and Agent Brown confront Agent Smith with the news ... right as the automatic sprinklers come on and leave them drenched.
    Agent Smith: [with obvious irritation] Find them and destroy them!
  • "Dodge this." *Boom, Headshot*
  • Neo swiping a phone from a bystander during the climactic Run or Die sequence. "What the shit—THAT'S MY PHONE!" Seconds later, the phone guy is overridden by Agent Smith.
  • When Neo tries to escape, Tank tells him to go to the door on his left... and he goes to the door on his right. "No, Your Other Left!"
  • The DVD Commentary with the special effects guys and part of the cast has this. They apparently had a mid-wrap party when the opening sequence was done and had Trinity's introduction playing on a TV, which Carrie-Anne Moss had them replay again and again as she had more to drink throughout the night.
  • Morpheus's Casual Danger Dialogue when he first contacts Neo, when he tells him to look at who's coming for him.
    (Neo peeks above his cubicle to see the Agents, who look in his direction and he scurries back out of sight)
    Neo: OH SHIT!
    Morpheus: Yes.
  • This exchange:
    Neo: You ever have that feeling where you're not sure if you're awake or still dreaming?
    Choi: All the time; it's called mescaline. It's the only way to fly.
  • When Neo finally realizes his powers, he's initially dazed by this and is so stunned that when Agent Smith tries to engage him in combat again, Neo isn't even paying attention, including parrying Agent Smith's flurry with one hand while he takes a moment to the side to let it sink in. Then when he destroys Agent Smith, he comes to and stares down the remaining two Agents, who look at each other and immediately high tail it.
    • What really sells it is that when Neo is blocking Smith's attacks with one hand, he actually turns to face away from him and casually holds his other behind his back while putting on an expression of complete and total indifference.
  • How about when Neo and Trinity show up in the chopper with Neo manning the minigun. All Smith could say was "No" before Neo begins firing. It's even more funny when Neo later on says it in the same tone, when he tries the bullet stopping trick for the first time.
  • During the subway scene after Agent Smith is hit by the train and walks out of it, he looks viturally unharmed and unchanged, except for one fact: he has a new pair of the sunglasses he had lost earlier in the fight. Just the mere fact that someone as serious as Agent Smith actually took the time to program new sunglasses is hilarious in itself.