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Funny: The Jerk
Thanks to Navin being dumb as a stump (not to mention the sheer silliness of this movie), there's too many to mention. To boil it down to the highlights:

  • "I was born a poor black child."
  • Terminally white Navin can't keep time with the family's beloved blues music. Then he discovers easy listening, and becomes a human metronome.
    • "This music speaks to me!"
  • "See that? That's shit. And this? Is Shinola." "Shit....... Shinola!" "Son, you're gonna be all right!"
  • Navin and Marie's duet of "Tonight You Belong To Me" is a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, until Marie randomly pulls out a cornet for a solo.
    Navin: You know... while you were playing that just now, I had the craziest fantasy that I could rise up, float right down the end of this cornet, right through here, through these valves, right along this tube, come right up against your lips and give you a kiss.
    Marie: Why didn't you?
    Navin: I didn't wanna get spit on me.
  • The entire "and that's all I need" scene.
  • This exchange:
    Mother: It's your birthday and it's time you knew. Navin, you're not our natural born child.
    Navin: (teary-eyed) ...I'm not?
    Mother: You were left on our doorstep. But we raised you like you were one of us!
    Navin: You mean I'm gonna stay this color?!
  • Navin finds out what his "special purpose" is for. He wishes his family was there for it, but maybe that'll happen in the future because he plans to use it a lot. He also expects extra money next week because his friend Patti has promised him a blowjob!
  • The ending: His family struck it "rich", and Navin moves back home. Their old, crappy house is torn down and replaced with... a slightly less crappy, only slightly bigger house.
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