Funny / Jerry Maguire

  • The Description Cut of Avery.
  • "I did not shoplift the pootie."
    • "Okay, I shoplifted the pootie."
  • "I don't like black people? I am Mister Black People!
  • Dorothy fighting with Marcee in the middle of the film
    Dorothy: How about a little piece of integrity in this world that is so full of greed and a lack of honorability that I don't know what to tell my son! Except, "Here. Have a look at a guy who isn't yelling 'Show me the money." Did you know he's broke? He is broke and working for you for free! Broke. Broke, broke, broke. I'm sorry I'm just not as good at the insults as she is.
    Marcee: No...that was pretty good.
    • As well as Marcee's "I'm a little pregnant here!"
  • The locker room interactions between Jerry and Rod.
    Rod: No, I air-dry.
  • Jerry's attempts for a Rousing Speech to Rod.
    Jerry: Rod, think about back when you were a little kid. It wasn't about the money, was it? Was it? [Questionably] Was it?