Funny / The Grimnoir Chronicles

  • In the first book, Faye meets Lance the Profane Talking Squirrel. The entire scene.
  • Dan's encounter with the two mobsters. He first ascertains that they're "bad men," then asks them to kill each other. They cheerfully comply.
  • Early on in Spellbound, Faye and a bunch of high-level knights are watching a smuggled newsreel footage that seems to show that the Chairman is still alive. As the other knights discuss the ominous import of this, Faye keeps objecting to their talking during the movie.
  • Francis, thinking of Faye, describes her as "the sweetest, kindest, most innocent, most gentle"…then he corrects himself that she's "about as gentle as a bag of agitated rattlesnakes."
    • A similar scene occurs in the next book where Jake mentally laments that such a "gentle soul" should have such a hard responsibility on her shoulders. Then Faye geeks out over a huge locker full of guns and Jake decides that "gentle soul" is perhaps not the right term.
  • In the first book, Browning and Pershing are discussing whether Faye might be working for the Imperium, and Browning dismisses it "unless they've found a spell to unlock the power of irresistible cuteness."
  • In Warbound, Francis is having a drunken rage in front of the fire, but it keeps going wrong: the liquor bottle doesn't shatter properly, so he telekinetically smashes it, then the newspaper he throws into the fire falls out onto his Persian rug.
    • Ray is keeping him company and is even more drunk than his employer. He leaves when he hears Dan and Jane are coming and decides he's too drunk to resist flirting with her and that Dan's likely to make him jump off the balcony if he does.
    • Francis wishes Faye were here to help him with his problems with the government. Of course, he considers that if she were here, she'd probably murder half of Congress and set the White House on fire.
  • At one point, Francis is being pursued by some bad guys and takes refuge in a restaurant. When he asks for the back door, the chef pulls a meat-cleaver on him and tells him to get out. Francis telekinetically rips the knife out of the man's hand and sticks it into the ceiling. The chef quickly points him in the right direction.
  • When Hammer completes her Heel–Face Turn in Spellbound, she discovers that Faye has been spying on her. Faye explains that she was watching to see if Hammer was going to betray them, because if so, she, Faye, was going to murder her. Faye lists several possible ways she might have done it, then cheerfully announces that since Hammer didn't rat them out, that means they can be friends, and could Hammer give her a ride back to the safe house?
  • Faye meets Rasputin. He proudly declares his identity in the most dramatic way possible…and she's never heard of him. It's kind of awkward.
  • A spoiler-filled, but hilarious example from the narration during the climax of the last book: "if [the black hole] had gotten any bigger, it might have eaten the whole world, and then Faye would've felt really stupid."
  • At one point, Jane is berating Jake for experimenting with extremely dangerous spells that require him to carve intricate designs on his own skin. Jake decides to troll her:
    Jane: "What's that one?"
    Jake: "This? I don't really know. Found it in a box of cracker-jacks, thought I'd slap it on and see what happened."
  • Jake's answer to the Chairman's We Can Rule Together offer:
    Jake: "Whatever."
  • Pretty much everything involving Buckminster Fuller.
  • The narration during Faye's scenes is often this:
    "Faye felt rather plain and ordinary. Of course, Francis seemed to think she was pretty, but that wasn't the only reason she was going to go rescue him."
  • During the fight against the OCI robots near the end of Spellbound, Toru keeps commenting about how much better the Japanese models are:
    Toru: "Ours are faster!"
    (a bullet lands right next to his face)
    Toru: "And more accurate!"
    • During the same battle:
    Sullivan: "The eyes are how they aim!"
    Narration: "It sounded kind of obvious when he put it like that."
  • A teleportation fight Faye has with a ninja in Hard Magic leads her to Lance´s room. Unfortunately for her, he sleeps naked.