Heartwarming / The Grimnoir Chronicles

  • Delilah's dying wish to Jake straddles the line between heartwarming and tearjerking - she wants him to get over her and find a love of his life.
  • At the end of Warbound, Faye reads Francis's mind to discover what the Nix's power looks like. While she's in there, she stumbles upon how he really feels about her. She's so touched that she's nearly reduced to tears.
  • Francis: "Faye was special. Faye owned special."
  • For the climax of Warbound, Faye needs to use several different powers at once. She achieves this by thinking of all her friends and allies, and trying to imitate them.
  • George Bollander's Heroic Sacrifice. In one instant, he goes from not even being allowed to eat at the same table as his friends to having songs written about him.
  • Toru's last conversation with the ghost of his father. Okubo tells him that he's been so focused on raw power that he underestimated Toru's skill and heart, and tells the (severely afflicted by "Well Done, Son!" Guy syndrome) kid that he's the Chairman's worthy successor. Given that Toru has been planning to commit seppuku before that, but doesn't even mention it afterwards, Okubo's last action in the story may've been bringing his own child back from the brink of suicide.