Funny: The Dover Boys

  • Arguably the whole thing is one.
  • "Confound those Dover Boys! How I hate them!!"
    • "They drive me to DRINK!" Cue Dan drinking several shots in rapid succession, with the bartender taking one for himself.
    • "I hate TOM! I hate DICK! I hate LARRY!"
  • "Help, Tom! Help, Dick! HELP, LARRY!!"
  • Dan Backslide's No Indoor Voice takes the cake.
    • Or when he selectively turns it off,
      "Dear rich Dora Standpipe, HOW I LOVE HER... [beat] ... Father's money!"
  • "... and Larry, the youngest of the three jer- daaaaaah, brothers."
  • The uncompromising moral fortitude of the Dover Boys and Dora Standpipe consist solely of dramatically averting their gaze from a certain tavern of unsavory repute.
  • "The Dover Boys! Then Dora must be ALONE AND UN-PRO-TEC-TED!!!"
  • "Unhand her Dan Blackside! Unhand her Dan Blackside! Unhand her Dan Blackside!! Hey, we're in a rut!"
  • Throughout the short, an old guy in an Old-Timey Bathing Suit keeps showing up while "While Strolling Through the Park One Day" plays. In the end, he "saves" Dora Standpipe, and they walk off together toward the sunset.