Funny / The Dover Boys

  • Arguably the whole thing is one.
  • "Confound those Dover Boys! How I hate them!!"
    • "They drive me to DRINK!" Cue Dan drinking several shots in rapid succession, with the bartender taking one for himself.
    • "I hate TOM! I hate DICK! And I hate LARRY!"
  • "Help, Tom! Help, Dick! HELP, LARRY!!!"
  • Dan Backslide's No Indoor Voice takes the cake.
    • Or when he selectively turns it off,
      "Dear rich Dora Standpipe, HOW I LOVE HER... [beat] ... Father's money!"
  • "... and Larry, the youngest of the three jer- daaaaaah, brothers."
  • The uncompromising moral fortitude of the Dover Boys and Dora Standpipe consist solely of dramatically averting their gaze from a certain tavern of unsavory repute.
  • "The Dover Boys! Then Dora must be ALONE AND UN-PRO-TEC-TED!!!" note 
  • When faced with Dora clinging onto a tree and not letting go, Dan whips out a Handbook of Useful Information to look up how to remove her from it. It's on page 57.
  • "Unhand her Dan Backslide! Unhand her Dan Backslide! Unhand her Dan Backslide!! Hey, we're getting in a rut!"
  • Throughout the short, an old guy in an Old-Timey Bathing Suit keeps showing up while "While Strolling Through the Park One Day" plays. In the end, he "saves" Dora Standpipe, and they walk off together toward the sunset.
  • The scout relaying Dora's predicament via flag another scout literally five feet away. And then when the message finally arrives to the Dover Boys via telegram, the message is simply just "HEEEEELP!"
    • He then holds his hand out for his payment. The Dover Boys proceed to trample him.
  • Dora hammering on the door of the cabin in a bid to escape... while the locks are on her side of the door.
    • Dora off-handedly keeping Dan away by launching him across the cabin with sudden attacks while still pounding on the door.