Trivia / The Dover Boys

  • Creator Killer: Just barely averted. Chuck Jones got in serious trouble with his higher-ups, the use of the limited smudge animation not being the Warner Bros. style. Jones was fired, but for whatever reason — variously ascribed to either poor communication, Jones thinking his firing was a joke, or Leon Schlesinger being busy sorting out a replacement for the recently-drafted Norm McCabe and not wanting the trouble of finding a replacement for Jones as well — he didn't actually leave, and ended up being recontracted to Warner Bros. when Schlesinger sold up the following year. He ultimately stayed until 1963, when he broke contract for moonlighting (he was co-writing Gay Purr-ee) and was fired for good.
  • Playing Against Type: This is one of the few times Mel Blanc's real voice comes out in one of his cartoons, specifically with Dan Backslide's voice. Granted, he's constantly shouting. The closest regular character to his real voice is Sylvester, with a bit less snarl and without the spitting, albeit all the shouting he does here gives an effect somewhat closer to Yosemite Sam's voice.