Funny / Duck Amuck

  • Every twist, every alteration, every mockery, every shredded remains of The Fourth Wall, every subversion of cartoon film-making that this short deploys. The humor in this short is Meta before people even understood what Meta was.
  • Daffy's Breathless Non Sequitur as the background changes from a farm to the arctic.
    (to the tune of "Old McDonald") "Da-ffy Duck, he had a farm/E-I-Ay-I-O/And on that farm he has an igloo/E...I...A...I....duh..."
  • "Now how about some color, stupid?!"
  • "Sound, please!"
    • When the animator obliges, Daffy strums a chord on the guitar, resulting in machine-gun fire, and then a(n older style) car horn, then throws it down to the ground accompanied by a bullet ricochet, and a donkey braying.
  • Daffy's expression the first time he tries to speak when the sound is being messed with (when he opens his mouth but we hear a rooster crow.)
    • And then Daffy getting angry with his eyes turning red before he screams and jumps around, before yelling, "AND I'VE NEVER BEEN SO HUMILIATED IN ALL MY LIFE!"
  • "This is a close-up?!! (beat) A CLOSE-UP, YA JERK! A CLOSE-UP!" Camera zooms WAY up to his bloodshot eyes.
    "Thanks for the sour persimmons, cousin."
    • In one version of the Italian dubbing, Daffy calls the first 'close-up' 'a dead man's portrait', referring to the Italian tradition of putting a photo of the deceased on their grave.
  • Halfway through the short we get this sequence, it's his primal rage and screaming which makes it one of the most hilarious uses of the Big "NO!" ever:
    Daffy: *exhausted* ...let's get this picture started!...
    *The End card cues up*
    Daffy: *pushing the card off screen* NOOO! NOOOOOOOO!!!
  • And when the animator turns out to be Bugs Bunny. This revelation is the absolute cherry on the cake.
    Bugs Bunny: (snickers) Ain't I a stinker?