Funny / Baby Looney Tunes

  • In one episode, Daffy strongly desires Taz's loose tooth because he wants money from the tooth fairy. His first attempt? Getting Taz to bite into a caramel apple. It all spirals out of control from there...
    Daffy: That gooey caramel should have that tooth out in now time! Then, it'll be mine!
    Taz: (eats the apple with no problem)
    Daffy: Corn on the cob?
    (Taz takes it, prompting Daffy to count his fingers, and eats it)
    Daffy: (sounding desperate) Bubble gum?
    (Taz takes that and eats it too)
    Daffy: (bewildered) Spare ribs?
    (Taz eats all of them)
    Daffy: (with a priceless look of shock on his face) Tractor tire!?
    (Taz wolfs the whole thing down while Daffy gags in disgust at his eating habits. Taz then belches loudly in Daffy's face)
    (Taz eats it and his loose tooth remains intact)