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* In one episode, Daffy strongly desires Taz's loose tooth because he wants money from the tooth fairy. His first attempt? Getting Taz to bite into a caramel apple. It all spirals out of control from there...
-->'''Daffy:''' That gooey caramel should have that tooth out in now time! Then, ''it'll be mine!''
-->'''Taz:''' (''eats the apple with no problem'')
-->'''Daffy:''' Corn on the cob?
-->(''Taz takes it, prompting Daffy to count his fingers, and eats it'')
-->'''Daffy:''' (''sounding desperate'') Bubble gum?
-->(''Taz takes that and eats it too'')
-->'''Daffy:''' (''bewildered'') Spare ribs?
-->(''Taz eats all of them'')
-->'''Daffy:''' (''with a priceless look of shock on his face'') [[TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers Tractor tire!?]]
-->(''Taz [[ExtremeOmnivore wolfs the whole thing down]] while Daffy gags in disgust at his eating habits. Taz then belches loudly in Daffy's face'')
-->(''Taz eats it and his loose tooth remains intact'')
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