Funny / The Demonata

  • Drust using the magic of the Old Ones to blow Lord Loss clear off the headland when he tires of the Demon Master stalking them.
  • Kernel Fleck gives some Kallid the Finger.
  • Grubbs defeating Lord Loss at mortal five game chess... and not caring in the slightest! Watching Lord Loss's spiral into greater and greater examples of Villainous Breakdown is hugely satisfying.
    Lord Loss: This is ridiculous, Grubitsch. (fake encouraging smile) If you throw the game away, you throw your life away too. You are already two games down. You cannot afford to lose again. You must concentrate. If not, you and your uncle—
    Grubitsch "Grubbs" Grady: Chess is dumb. Like all games, it's silly and pointless. People who take it seriously are fools. I'm sorry, but I can't pretend to respect your foolishness any longer, regardless of what's at stake.
    • This, from the same scene, when Grubbs wins his first match.
    "Checkmate." I mutter the word emotionlessly and scratch my left elbow. "Can I make your king melt?" I ask curiously.
    Lord Loss doesn't respond. His eyes are fixed on the trapped king on the board to my left, as though he can spot a way out if he looks at it long enough.
    "I asked if I could make your—"
    The black king explodes into tiny shards. I duck to avoid the flying bits of crystal. When I look again, Lord Loss's face is peppered with shiny splinters. Blood trickles from the cuts.
    "You should take more pride in your appearance," I tell him. "You'll never attract girls with an ugly mug like that."
  • Dervish's homecoming prank on Grubbs.
  • The first calming rhyme we hear Grubbs using on his uncle is: "Derv the perv".
  • When Dervish begins to relapse into PTSD frenzies and general discontent after surviving his fourteen-month long battle in Lord Loss's personal realm, Grubbs is always there to lighten the mood with the fabled Grady wit.
    Dervish Grady: I'm losing it, Grubbs.
    Grubitsch "Grubbs" Grady: Losing what — your sanity? You can't lose what you never had.
  • "Oh Grubbs, you're so manly!" Dervish gushes, fluttering his eyelids. "Get stuffed!" I grunt.
  • Dervish joking that not only is Bill-E Grubbs' half-brother but that he's also the love-child of Cal and Meera as well!
  • When Derv is leaving his mansion in Grubbs' hands for the first time, trusting him to do as he wills for a weekend, he knows all too well what his nephew and his school mates are likely to get up to at their age.
    Dervish Grady: Those staying over are all boys, I presume?
    Grubitsch "Grubbs" Grady: Of course.
    Derv: They'd better be. Because if I find out otherwise...
    Grubbs: You won't.
    Derv: Good.
  • If everyone drove like my maniac of an uncle, the roads would be awash will blood.
  • Beranabus calling Grubbs out on his cowardice, he, along with Dervish, are the masters of Deadpan Snarker and one can not help but fall into hysterics when Bran rips Grubbs' excuses for not fighting apart.