Heartwarming / The Demonata

  • In the first book, Grubbs agrees to help his uncle fight Lord Loss and his familiars, who brutally murdered his parents and sister in front of him, all to cure his half-brother Bill-E Spleen of his lycanthropy. Thats right, he's going to face down the beasts of his nightmares, purely out of love for his little brother.
  • The penultimate scene from book seven Death's Shadow.
    Beranabus sighs, then bends to kiss my forehead. "I loved you as a child, Bec. And I love you still. I always will."
    Through the brief contact, I catch a glimpse of what he's planning. It's perilous. He probably won't make it out alive. but it's the only way. Our only hope.
    "Don't watch," he says, and his voice is guttural, unnatural, as his vocal cords begin to thicken and change. "I don't want you to see me like this."
    He whirls away and bellows at the Shadow, an inhuman challenge. Dervish and Sharmila glance back, astonished by the ferocity of the roar. Their faces crumple when they see what Beranabus is becoming.
    I back away slowly, but I can't obey Beranabus's final command. I have to look. Besides, he thought my feelings would alter if I saw him in his other form, but they won't. If you truly love someone, you don't care what they look like.