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The Demonata and the saga of Darren Shan share the same universe.

Ok I like to think that Darren Shan's two series share the same universe. This would mean that Mr Tiny is a demon possibly a Demon Master. The Wolf Man is a werewolf like in the Demonata and that bit in the last book where there are those monsters in Mr Tiny's place they are demons as well. Or maybe seeing as the whole universe was recreated at the end of the Demonata and in the new universe is the saga of darren shan's universe and Lord Loss and Mr Tiny are one and the same.
  • In one of the Cirque du Freak books (I can't remember which), Evanna explains to Darren that she and Mr. Tiny can't use their powers to great extent without screwing up the universe in a way that, it's implied, will let demons loose into the world. If anyone can find the exact passage, they'll have my gratitude.
    • Sons of Destiny ""There are worse monsters than our father" She Said "[...] If they get their hands on you, your millenium of torment in the Lake Of Souls will seem like a pleasant hour on the beach"
    • [...] But there were shapes moving in the rock, twisted, inhuman, elongated shapes, all shadows, claws, teeth and tendrils. The wall bulged as we passed - the things trapped within were reaching for us. But none could break through.
    • "What are they? [...]"
    • "Creatures of universal chaos [...] They're the monsters I spoke of. They are kin to Our Father , though he is not as powerful as them. They are imprisoned by a series of temporal and spatial laws [..] If we ever break these laws, these creatures will be freed. They will turn the universe into a hell of their own making. All will fall beneath them. They'll invade every time zone and torture every mortal ever born - forever""