Funny / The Chosen Four

  • The battle between Exit Mouse and the Spiteful Crow.
  • The entire sequence when the gang heads back to Eagleland to meet Ness' family. Throughout the entire thing, you can just tell Jeff is laughing like a lunatic in his head.
    • Ness is ambushed by Tracey and King, and then his mother quickly after. Ness' mother also notes how polite Paula is, and asks if she's Ness' wife. Paula, understandably, freaks out.
    • Ness' Dad joins the family for dinner. It's pretty much exactly what you'd expect.
    • Tracey, afraid Paula is trying to steal her big brother, reveals Ness' biggest secret: He used to wet the bed. Jeff admits he used to do that as well.
    • Finally, Tracey is mad at Paula. Paula remarks how she wishes she had a little sister, which causes Tracey to think about it. Ness' mother then remarks how Paula will become Tracey's sister when she marries Ness, which causes Paula to turn bright red. Jeff just gives her a thumbs up.
  • After Poo's introduction, the party wonders how awesome he is... and then they see he's level 25 to their 40's.
  • Almost any ANYTIME Tony makes an appearance.
    • "Yeah. Well, I should probably go before you flood this panel with bubbles."
    • "...This is the most intense phone call I've ever experienced."
    • "Wooo, Jeff, I'm a ghooost! Avenge meee!"
      • "Uh...we're not dead, Tony..."
  • Anytime Jeff ends up losing his normal look. Examples include:
    • His hair after his introduction, ruining his dramatic entrance.
    • Being referred to as a "suspicious mushroom" by Shrooom!
    Jeff: I feel like I'm being misrepresented.
    • Paula's makeover, which nearly sticks due to her using concrete spray on his hair.
    • The Mr. Saturns giving him their hairdo, which is a single strand of hair with a bow.
      • And the Photoman takes a picture of the former and threatens to send it to Tony to blackmail Jeff into letting a picture of the latter be taken.
    • Orange Kid refers to Jeff as "Lemon Kid" which leads to Ness and Paula imagining Jeff with a lemon for a head.
    • Really, pretty much everything that takes place in the underground dig sight is Absolute. 24 karat. Solid gold. From Jeff's astute and succinct summation of a mole's mental state, ("Ah I see now. You're absolutely insane.") to one of said moles apprehensively attempting to establish communication with the kids' new pet chicken, to giant ants and their completely ineffectual efforts to avenge their older brother, (the first sanctuary boss of the game) to Ness's propensity for getting lost, and finally, to the climax of the arc wherein two exit mice catch up, talk cheese bars and discuss the merits of a job out in sunny Summers while Ness, Paula and Jeff chase and finish off both the giant ants and then the moles in the background. This troper's description does it no justice.
  • "Where do you kids even get this kind of cash?" "We earned it by beating up elemental spirits." "...Sorry I asked."
  • Reginald the Exit Mouse in all his glory.
    • When Ness realizes he doesn't know how to ride a bike.
    Reginald: Are you sure this is an exit? Cause I'm pretty sure it's the floor.
    • Ness tries to sell him in Twoson at one point. For free.
    Reginald: I can't believe you tried to sell me.
    Ness: I can't believe nobody bought you.
  • When Jeff finds a bomb, but doesn't have room for it. He decides to throw it in a room of monsters and lock the door. The following exchange is hilarious:
    Paula: What was that?!
    Jeff: ...About 2100 experience points.
  • Poo buys a toy pig nose for Paula.
    man: Oh, the humanity!! That poor man is being beaten by a wild pig!!
    Ness: Wild pig?? ...P-Pokey?!
    woman: Aunt Margaret?!
    Link: Ganon?!
  • The group goes backstage to meet Venus. Paula is not happy about this. Things go downhill from here. All we see is Paula standing in the middle of a black background, with red eyes. And then Venus kisses Ness on the cheek. Ness, understandably, is scared.
    Ness: I... I'm so dead.
    Jeff: Ness! What are you doing?! Snap out of it before she ends us all!
    Paula: Those are MY cheeks! Those cheeks belong to ME!
    • Paula proceeds to exaggerate the hell out of what happened, imagining that Ness completely dumped her while having an extreme make out session (Which is apparently making out times four) with Venus.
    • Ness says that, one day, Paula will be as pretty as Venus... And then realizes exactly what he said, and understandably backs off. And then he asks Jeff for girl help.
    Paula: I'M WHAT, NESS?
    Ness: ... y-you're... really... really... nifty...
    • At the very end, Jeff is the only one that's come out of the situation unscathed, as Ness is getting the silent treatment and Poo has been slapped for saying that Paula isn't pretty.
  • The Octobot arrives. It promptly steals Paula's diary and reads an entry in her own voice. Paula screams in rage and throws the poor thing into space.
    Paula: THIS CAN NEVER BE FORGIVEN! Contemplate what you've done as you drift through space FOREVER!
  • Ness comes across two goats trying to attack him. It suddenly zooms up on Ness' face as he says "You are already dead." The goats are so confused by this sudden plot twist Ness is able to just walk past them.
  • While in Summers, Ness and Paula are forced to dress up to get into a restaurant. Paula notes that it feels like a date. Cue Jeff, Reggie and Poo walking in.
    Poo: I don't understand. Why are we following a strange mouse into an even stranger building?
    Jeff: For research. And entertainment.
    Reggie: Mostly entertainment.
    • The events in that restaurant reveal that the Photoman is the most powerful being in the comic. Seriously.
    Photoman: (to Poo) Your attacks are too weak! If you refuse to give up, then I will photograph it; your inevitable defeat! It will bring back the fondest of memories...
  • Poo's attempt at training the rest of the party. It... doesn't go smoothly that's for sure.