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Tear Jerker: The Chosen Four
  • Jeff thinking he's failed Ness and Paula in Moonside.
    • When Ness returns home with his friends they run into Picky. Not only does he looks sad, he tries to tell Ness that if he sees Pokey, tell him that he misses him, but is interrupted by his mother. It's clearly not a happy time for him and definitely makes you wanna give the poor kid a hug.
  • The way Ness reacts to Paula being kidnapped in Fourside. Just as he's thinking about how happy he is to just be relaxing, she vanishes. It doesn't help that the Department Store Spook implies that she's dead, which causes Ness to go insane and destroy him in one attack. When he finally reaches Monotoli, he almost murders him on the spot, until Paula reveals herself and calms him down, causing him to burst into tears. Poor kid...
  • We see how Giegue was defeated in the original MOTHER and how much Maria meant to him. To see what happened to him after...
    • Furthermore, it seems that Ninten's victory was short-lived. It's implied that he's spent over a decade inside Giygas' mind and fades away completely soon after his explanations. Yet, he's still pretty upbeat about things. Pollyana, indeed...
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