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The Blues Brothers

A true list of CMOF for this film would basically be a read-through of the script.
  • All of the car chase scenes (especially the one through a frickin' shopping mall! made even better by the utterly deadpan Jake and Elwood).
    Jake: This place has everything!
    Elwood: New Oldsmobiles are in early this year.
  • Neo-Nazi: I've always loved you.
  • Willie 'Too Big' Hall: So, Jake, you're out, you're free, you're rehabilitated. What's next? What's happenin'? What you gonna do? You got the money you owe us, motherfucker?
  • The greatest moment was when the ex-girlfriend nearly blew up the protagonists with a drive-by missile launch, and their reaction. No, wait a minute... the nun scene might just top it.
    • "Boys, you gotta learn not to talk to nuns that way."
  • The scene when they drive over a bridge and through the Illinois Nazis.
  • The end when the Blues Brothers are handcuffed and turn around to see every cop and National Guardsman in Illinois pointing their guns at them
    • The sheer absurd scale of the task force sent to bring them in; it ends up being not only every cop, state trooper, fire-fighter and National Guardsman in Illinois, but tanks, helicopters and water patrols... sent after two musicians in black suits in a beat-up old police car.
    • "All units: Use of unnecessary violence in apprehension of the Blues Brothers has been approved."
    • While chasing after the brothers, the mob stops to ask directions from a clerk.
    Cop: Excuse me, did you just see two men? Black clothes, black hats, one carrying a briefcase?
    Clerk: Sure, I sent 'em down there.
    Cop: Thank you.
    (The mob goes back to running and screaming)
  • Jake's Large Ham / Hurricane of Excuses speech to Carrie Fisher telling her why he left her at the altar, which culminates with: "THERE WAS AN EARTHQUAKE! A TERRIBLE FLOOD! LOCUSTS! IT WASN'T MY FAULT I SWEAR TO GOD!" ... And when that doesn't work, he takes off his sunglasses. That works. After which he kisses her, drops her on the ground, and says to Elwood "Let's go".
    • Elwood then says to her "Take it easy!"
  • John Candy, after the epic chase ends with him and his police car sticking out of the side of a semi:
    Candy: Hi. This is car...what number are we?
    Cop: Five five.
    Candy: Car 55. We're in a truck! Heh!
  • The rednecks switch from throwing beer bottles at the stage in anger... to throwing beer bottles at the stage as applause. Makes you wonder how long it took for the owner to install that cage.
  • The Cool Car falling to pieces the exact second Jake and Elwood don't need it anymore.
    • And the reaction faces of the nearby statues.
  • Jake and Elwood blackmailing Mr. Fabulous into coming back to the band by behaving badly in a ritzy restaurant. It really must be seen in all its hilarity.
    • "How much for ze women?"
    • The little girl's reactions throughout the sequence too.
  • When Jake gets his Mission from God:
  • Jake uses a pack of cigarettes to fool the Good 'Ol Boys into thinking he was a Union boss.
  • Elwood stealing fireworks from the gas station.
  • During the montage of everyone getting the word out about the show, we see Ray hanging up a flier in his store...upside down.
    • Whose idea was it to give Ray a gun?
  • The hotel the brothers are staying in gets completely and totally levelled while they're in it. After a few seconds, they wake up and brush the rubble off, their suits perfectly ironed and without a single scratch on them.
    • Even better, the charges go off just as the cops break down the door of the room they're staying in.
  • During their performance of "Stand By Your Man", there's a selection of shots of various couples in the Country Bunker... and one lonely cowboy crying in his beer.
  • The Cheez Whiz incident. Was it product placement, an Orphaned Punchline for a cut scene, or just evidence that Elwood's errands for the day were "1. Get Cheez Whiz for buddy, 2. Pick up brother from prison"?
    Random Old Man: You got my Cheez Whiz, boy?!
    (Elwood produces a can of Cheez Whiz and tosses it over)
    • What's even funnier, is that the random old transient (who is portrayed by Shotgun Britton, the movie's makeup artist) is listed in the credits as 'The Cheese Whiz'.
  • "Are you the police?" "No, ma'am. We're musicians."
  • Elwood's completely nonchalant reaction to being blown sky-high by the woman attempting to kill Jake with a flamethrower.
    Elwood: Hey, Jake! There's at least forty dollars worth of change here!

Blues Brothers 2000

  • Elwood's "puffball bacteria". Hilarious Large Ham performances from Dan Aykroyd and John Goodman, but what really launches it into the atmosphere is Evan Bonifant's screaming.
  • They manage to avoid the cops guarding a bridge by driving the Bluesmobile into the river and driving under them.
    Mack: How long can we stay down here?
    Elwood: How long can you hold your breath?
    • When they resurface, they do so underneath the boat (crawling with explosives) of a radical militia faction, holding a secret meeting out in the woods. The boat ends up on top of the Bluesmobile.
      Mack: Hey, you guys having a picnic?
      (Militiamen all point their guns at the Blues Brothers, generating Oh Crap! faces from them)
      Elwood: (confused, aside to Mack) ...what boat?
      Robertson: That is the international Jewish-Communist Conspiracy in action, people! One of their spy satellite's must have picked up our location...
      (The Bluesmobile drives off)
      Robertson: KILL THEM!
      (The militiamen shoot. Elwood drives over a bump in the road, bucking the boat off of the car and onto the leader. Cue Stuff Blowing Up)
      Mack: (with a massive explosion in the background) Did you hear something?
      Elwood: (bluntly) Nope.
  • Elwood covering Buster's eyes in the strip club.
  • Joe Morton's facial expressions and spot-on re-creation of Belushi's exasperated "ELLLLLWOOOOOOOOODD!"