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Headscratchers: The Blues Brothers
The entire scenario involving Bob's Country Bunker and The Good Old Boys:
  • First, either Bob, his wife or one of his employees booked The Good Old Boys, so they should have known that Jake & Elwood were not them.
    • Perhaps they were booked through the Good Old Boys' management rather than in person? Alternatively, if it was an employee who did it, then presumably that employee wasn't working that night.
    • That makes sense. Bob doesn't seem to recognise the Good Old Boys when they show up.
  • Second, The Good Old Boys appear to be a fairly successful band (they had their own custom tour bus) but they were booked to play a podunk bar in Nowheresville for a measly $200.00?
    • They could be a once-big act which have fallen on hard times; the tour bus is just a remnant of The Good Old Days.
    • Bob's place might be one of those venues where every act in the scene plays at least once no matter how big they get.
    • They could be on their way to a bigger gig, Nowheresville was pretty close to where they were spending the night, and they decided to do a gig in a podunk bar for fun, nostalgia and beer money.
    • They could also just be pretentious and have the bus as a way of making themselves seem bigger than in fact they are.
    • Many bands that tour need to gig every night to pay for expenses. $200 (which is about $600 in 2014 money) would easily have paid for that day's food and gas. It's not big money, but every little helps.
  • Third, Bob tells Jake & Elwood that they played some of the best music they'd ever had that night. Why on Earth would Bob try to make them pay another $100.00 for the $300.00 in beer they drank when he must have made way more than that from his customers who stayed and enjoyed the music?
    • Because Bob's very miserly and loves money more than he loves good music.
    • Because $100.00 is a lot of money to a small-business owner, and a very big tip.
    • And for a small business, it can take thousands to make up for losing $100.
  • Fourth, the Good Old Boys show up several hours late, after the bar was closed, without having called ahead to let Bob know. Not only were they late, they had missed their entire gig! Where were they?
    • And why were they angry at the Blues Brothers? Since they missed the gig, they weren't getting paid anyway so the Blues Brothers didn't steal their money or anything.
      • Because they're aggressive assholes.
      • And the Blues Brothers did pretend to be them and steal their gig; late or not, it's the principle of the matter.
    • They do acknowledge that they were very late, so they probably just got lost or burst a tire or something. It was extremely lucky but still, Mission from God.
  • Fifth, why is Bob angry at the Blues Brothers, who showed up and played, and not the Good Old Boys, who didn't arrive until after closing? If Jake & Elwood hadn't shown up, Bob wouldn't have had a band, and he would have looked like an idiot.
    • Because they stiffed him out of money they owed him and — in conning themselves into a job — made a fool out of him.
  • Why do the hicks keep throwing bottles even at songs they like?
    • Because they're hicks. And also drunk off their ass.
  • If Elwood's license was suspended, why couldn't Jake just drive? I mean, I'm sure he could. Then they wouldn't have run into all that trouble.
    • He's been in jail for a few years and only been out for a day or so. His license was presumably expired or revoked and he hadn't gotten a new one yet.
      • Also, Elwood is a good enough driver to make an old cop car do stunts out of a James Bond movie. Jake probably lets Elwood drive because he's much better at it, license or no.
      • Well then, why couldn't Jake just get another license?
      • Because they only have 11 days to work with and all of those are devoted to getting the band back together.
    • I don't think Jake knew that Elwood's licence had been suspended until the scene where they led the police on a chase through the mall. And after that, I very much doubt that it mattered, from the point of view of the police, which one of them was driving.
  • After John Lee Hooker gives his street performance he gets into a fight with on of his audience. Can anybody explain the significance of this? Because it feels like a Shout-Out to a real life event or dispute rather than something for the film, but I'm not familiar enough with J.L. Hooker's work enough to get it.
    • I think it's just a joke - the extended edition shows that the argument is about whether or not he is actually John Lee Hooker (and therefore wrote "Boom Boom").
  • I get all the other times, but how the heck does Mystery Woman find the guys at the Howard Johnson's when she attacks them with the flame thrower?
  • Why did the rest of the band members get arrested at the end with Jake and Elwood?
  • In the sequel, if Jake (and Curtis) had been dead for years and Elwood didn't find out until after he was released, how does that happen?
    • Was the prison really that lazy or they just wanted to make him miserable as shit once he was free?
      • Less that they were lazy and more that it sorta slipped through the cracks. Everyone thought that someone else had told him and that he already knew.
  • Why did Queen Mousette turn them into zombies for the Funky Nassau number, and then turn them to stone afterwards?
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