Funny / The 10 Doctors

  • The revelation that President Flavia has had the Doctor and his tendency to agitate for removing the Non-Interference Laws written into the Presidential manual. Yes, he is quite literally that predictable.
  • Sabalom Glitz tries to sweet-talk the Rani. She knees him in the groin. To be fair, he did deserve it.
  • Two and Seven outwitting Davros with some sleight-of-hand and a game of Keep Away. And a firecracker.
    • An irritated Seven confronts Glitz with his sale of a sample of Lazar's Disease to Davros, who intends to weaponize it and construct his ultimate plague from it. Glitz replies he's not stupid enough to sell the Daleks the actual sample - he just gave Davros a vial of gumblejack oil from Terminus' galley, picked his paycheck and was prepared to call it a day before the alarmed Doctor tried to steal the thing back, setting the furious Daleks in pursuit.
  • Their earlier round of Academy fight songs counts as well.
  • When the Doctors name their incarnations so they'll know what to call each other, Four claims he's number one, having thought the ranking was by importance or charm.
  • While Six thought he would die (as he thought Four was dead), he opened a door only to find... Four, alive and well. Six is aggravated, while Four is... well... himself. Six's reaction is pure gold:
    Four: Well, I lived. That's a good thing, right?
    Six: Good? Good? 'A GOOD THING?!' Absolutely NOT! It means that I was WRONG!
  • And the Les Yay between Grace and Romana. Both the first kiss and then their goodbye... Look in the background of the 6th panel going from to right. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • At one point near the start when most of the Doctors are together, Four says "I'm sure I can think of something." Seven corrects him: "You mean you're sure we can think of something." After a brief pause, Four simply replies "No."
  • The Cybermen try to figure out whether the Time Lord who's just shown up is the Doctor. Nine's reaction to them arguing over it in front of him is priceless.
    Cyberman: How then can we definitively ascertain his identity?
    Nine: Ohhh! Ooohh!! Oooh! I know! I know! You could ask!
    Cyberman: Who are you?
    Nine: Nope, too late, I'm not going to tell you now.
  • Right before Five leaves, Four asks him to punch himself in the face when he's regenerating.
  • In the final Eye of Orion beach sequence, One presents Five with a cricket bat, and you can see everyone wearing versions of Five's cricketing clothes in the background. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • From the same page: Three tries on Six's coat. Six and Peri are amused, and Sarah Jane looks like she's about to retch.
  • Seven introducing Two to Davros:
    Seven: This is Davros—
    Two: Oh! Heh heh. (he shakes Davros' hand)
    Seven: (whispering) He's the fellow who created the Daleks.
    Two: Oh... ahem. For shame.
  • Seven and Three chastising Nine, culminating in Six's first appearance:
    Three: Lying about your age, unhealthy relations with your pretty young companion... shaved head... leather??
    Nine: Hey!
    Seven: Sounds like a second mid-life crisis.
    Three: Second?
    Seven: Oh yes! I had a really bad one back when I really was only 900 years old.
    (Six appears)
    Six: Mid-life... mid-life crisis??? MID-LIFE CRISIS?? Of all the confounded—
    Seven: —Speak of the gerbil.
    • ...and Three's epic facepalm when this happens.
  • The Christmas special page. "What? You can't just hijack a plot to celebrate some Earth holiday!" "Of course we can old chap. We're the Doctor." And a very happy Christmas to all of you at home.
  • Page 8: Nine and Rose start arguing Like an Old Married Couple after she finds out about Susan being his granddaughter, and some of the other Doctors and companions take notice.
    Rose: Who's her grandmother then? Or did you just drop her off somewhere, sometime??
    Nine: Rose, this is not the time—
    Ace: (to Seven) Gordon Bennet! Drop me off before you pick her up, alright?
    Peri: (to Six) D-D-Doctor... are—are you and she...
    Six: I should think NOT, Peri. That would be in poor taste!
  • When the Fourth Doctor declares himself to be number one on page 9.
    • Ten pages later, the same Doctor completely owns the Seventh.
      Fourth Doctor: Well... I'm sure I can come up with something.
      Seventh Doctor: Heh heh... you mean you're sure we can come up with something.
      Fourth Doctor: No.
  • When Peri and Turlough carry Nyssa away from the crossfire of a Dalek fight.
    Peri: Where are we taking her?
    Turlough: I don't know. Preferably off the battlefield.
  • After the 10 Doctors manage to break the Dalek conditioning out of Ten, they tell their companions about what they did... and they tell it as if each of them was the fundamental piece and the others were just an obstacle. Which, given that they are the same character, is not exactly a lie.
  • In Strip 104 Six gets angry with Four when the latter questions his motives for helping the Renegade Daleks and pushes him into a vent. Four's answer is hilarious:
    Four: You give new meaning to self-loathing.
    • Six's answer is just as funny:
    Six: Watch it, or I'll go back and turn the Pharos dish myself!
  • The last talk between Four and Five on page 244.
    Fourth Doctor: When the time comes, and you know the end is near... When you're down to that final moment and you know it's all over and regeneration is about to take over... I want you to punch yourself right in the nose.
  • Four, while skulking on a Dalek battleship, is knocked out by an explosion. A while later, the same ship starts falling apart on Earth's airspace, and Four is jettisoned out of the craft, with only his scarf keeping him safe. He comes around at that moment, and for a brief instant smiles peacefully at the beauty of the landscape below him. Of course, then he realizes where he is, and his expression melts into a colossal Oh, Crap!

    • The author's outdone himself again, with Da 10 Docs, a Doctor Who crossover with Looney Tunes. Wile E. Coyote plays the Master. That is all.
    • And he's at it again with A Time to Kill. Four strips in, and Ten has just totally blown 007's cover.
      Tenth Doctor: How's life in the SECRET SERVICE treating you?
      Bond: (death glare)