Funny / Shake It Up!
Don't even bother trying,Flynn

  • In Meatball It Up:
    Waitress: That's the veal parmesan.
    Ty's Date: Excuse me ma'am, it's pronounced par-me-sian! *laughs*
    Waitress: Wow, pretty and smart!
  • Rocky's over-the-top freak out upon hearing Justin Starr will come to Shake It Up Chicago.
    • Even funnier when CeCe makes her promise not to scream and she does it without any sounds coming out of her mouth.
    • Upon finding out Justin is actually 22, CeCe takes a drink of water just to do a spit-take. When Justin reveals he and his "manager" are married, Rocky does the same.
  • Nearly any moment featuring Gunther and Tinka.
  • Flynn is upset about not being able to score with a girl (the girl in question is twice his age, though) so he turns to Ty for help. Ty attempts to teach him to wolf-whistle. The first time, Flynn sprays a fountain of spit right in Ty's face. Cut to a few hours later, and Flynn has mastered the wolf-whistle, doing it to any woman under 40. One woman isn't particularly pleased and smacks Ty with her briefcase.
  • This little gem really sums up Henry and Flynn's relationship, and the delivery of it is hilarious:
    Henry: Mock me now, but when I invent time travel, I'm going to come back and slap you.
  • Gunther and Cece's "relationship" in Hot Mess It Up, especially Rocky's amusement at it.
    Gunther: I am Gunther!
    Cece: (unhappily) And I am Gunther's girlfriend!
    Rocky: And I...AM LOVING THIS! (laughs hysterically)
  • This Troper found The Bad Guy Wins ending of the episode Show It Up it be hilarious. It's set so that you'd think that Candy Cho's ploy to steal the spotlight from Rocky and come in first by having the envelope announcing the talent show winner torn up would fail. But... it doesn't. And to rub salt into the wound, Rocky finds out that it wouldn't have made a difference if the envelope hadn't been torn!
    Rocky: Candy Stinkin' Cho!
  • The entire episode in which Rocky and CeCe meet Gunther and Tinka's parents.
  • The scene where Ty and Deuce have an incredibly competitive thumb-wrestling war over a slice of pizza... and then Flynn casually walks over and takes the slice.
    Ty: Hey! We were thumb-wrestling for that!
    Flynn: Why? I'm already eating it.
  • This:
    Flynn: Who is it?
    Deuce: Deuce.
    Flynn: Deuce who?
    Deuce: How many Deuces do you know?
  • From "Hook It Up":
    Gary: Look Coco, Ricky, I like you. If I didn't, I wouldn't have even bothered to remember your names.
    Cece: You didn't. It's Cece and Rocky.
  • In the Pilot Episode, a running gag throughout the episode is that Flynn is craving bacon. Finally, at the end, he walks in, slams a pack of bacon on the counter, and demands that the girls cook it now.
  • In the Charlie Shakes It Up crossover, a Credits Gag has the cast of Shake It Up popping out of Teddy's luggage, which prompts this:
    Teddy: If that Deuce kid comes out of this bag, I'm gonna scream.
    Deuce: (from inside the bag) All right, then I'll just stay in here.
  • In "Add It Up" when CeCe is gushing about how she's going to date Henry Dillon, her math tutor, who she thinks must be an older guy because he's in college, she says "I do hope he's willing to wait five years, because it would be totally inappropriate to date him now." Then he walks in and is an 8-year old child prodigy, prompting this line from Rocky:
  • Everything that happened to the girls while in the gameshow Let's Get Weird in the episode "Weird It Up". Admit it, you are amused on what happened to CeCe and Rocky just as Flynn was.
    • The Sumo wrestlers face when they took giant toothbrushes from his armpits and had to use them was the icing on the cake.
  • CeCe's flashback in "Embarrass It Up", in a cheesy, over-the-top sort of way.
  • During I.aM.mE's guest stint on the episode "Wrestle It Up":
    CeCe and Rocky: [squeeing about Taylor Lautner]
    Phillip "Pacman" Chbeeb: Wow, they really like us here!
  • Gary Wilde pops up to tell the girls he needs to see them...while hiding under a hoop skirt. He tries to leave only to smash over half the furniture in his way.
    CeCe: Gotta say...I missed that guy.
  • The two hang out at a pizza place but thrown by how Gary doesn't show up.
    Rocky: This is weird. Gary calls a meeting and then doesn't show up.
    CeCe: No, what's weird is that he called this meeting from under a skirt. And we actually took him seriously.