Heartwarming / Shake It Up!

  • Whenever CeCe cries and Rocky comforts her, or vice-versa.
  • Also in "Heat It Up" when Flynn goes outside to cry after hearing that their road trip was getting cancelled, CeCe cheers him up and kisses him lightly on the forehead.
  • CeCe's prayer in the episode in which Rocky undergoes surgery. Bella Thorne's delivery was impressive.
  • Tinka and Gunther's relationship as siblings could be seen as this. While they show obvious disdain for everyone else, they do truly care about each other.
  • From "Shrink It Up":
    CeCe: You're the reason I made it onto Shake It Up Chicago. Because of you, I'm getting to do the thing I love most in the world.
    Rocky: Dancing?
    CeCe: No (beat) being your best friend.
    • That episode is full of CMoHs.
  • The date between Ty and Tinka at the "L" station in "Add It Up." There's a reason somebody added Will They or Won't They? on the main page.
  • Anything between Deuce and Dina.
  • When Rocky is about to leave for New York in "Model It Up", Flynn says he's losing his favourite big sister.
  • Ce Ce and Ty offering to leave Shake It Up Chicago when Rocky was let go was a sweet gesture, also doubling as a Tear Jerker for Rocky, when you consider how she must've felt in that moment.
  • Rocky dumping Logan (a guy she had great chemistry with) because he wouldn't give Cece a chance after she accidentally ruined his badminton game.