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Fanfic Recs: Shake It Up
Shudder by The Girl You Underestimated
  • Recommended By: Queen Fuzzy
  • Synopsis: The cast if Shake It Up! is invited to a dinner party by a mysterious millionaire. Once there, they find that the seemingly harmless man plans to kill everyone of them until it's just him and the one he has become obsessed with. The only way out is to find out the secrets of the old house and to be smart enough not to fall into his traps. Then Rocky's past comes into play.
  • Pairings: Rocky/Gunther, Cece/Deuce, Ty/Tinka
  • Comments: Starts out as a mystery dinner, Who-Dunnit? type, then jumps off of that and turns it into a secrets can kill. Family secrets, dead siblings, abusive pasts, psychopaths with an obsession. One of my favorite Shake It Up! stories. Now has a sequel.
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