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Trivia: Shake It Up
  • Acting for Two: Adam Irigoyen in "Surprise It Up" plays Deuce and his cousin Harrison.
    • Davis Cleveland plays LJ in "Future it Up"
  • Actor Allusion: When Cat Deeley guest stars as the Vice Principal in "Wild It Up", CeCe talks about being a dancer on Shake It Up Chicago, to which the Vice Principal responds with "so you think you can dance?"
    • CeCe has dyslexia just like her actress.
    • Zendaya Coleman is a vegetarian and so is her character. Also, she's been dancing since she was a kid, the same age as Rocky.
      • Averted when she's offered a modeling job. Bella Thorne is a model.
    • Logan is an example twice! Leo Howard played the title character in an independent movie called Logan before he was cast in Shake It Up. Additionally, Logan was almost going to be Georgia's stepson. When you think about who portrayed young Georgia in "My Bitter Sweet 16 It Up," this becomes very awkward.
      • Additionally, Ty and Logan's "frenemy" relationship may remind viewers of Jack and Smooth from the "All The Wrong Moves" episode of Kickin' It.
  • Actor-Shared Background: Like Deuce, Adam Irigoyen is of Cuban descentnote .
  • Adored by the Network: Shake it Up: Make Your Mark is arguably the end result of this.
  • Banned Episode and Bowdlerization: Following complaints from Demi Lovato, the episode "Party It Up" was pulled and later shown edited to remove lines that paint anorexia as a glamorous way to lose weight and not a crippling, psychological disease that both ruins your mind and body.
  • The Danza: George Lopez as George Martinez, Deuce's father.
  • Dawson Casting: Roshon Fegan (Ty) is 21 years old and is playing a high schooler. Ainsley Bailey who plays the 15 year old Dina is actually 21.
  • Dueling Shows: With Nickelodeon's Victorious and Big Time Rush.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
  • Missing Episode: "Party It Up", after the Disney Channel pulled it out of rotation after Demi Lovato called the show out on Twitter for a joke in the episode ridiculing anorexic models.
    • The episode is back on the air, but said joke is deleted.
    • "Shake It Up, Up and Away" went temporarily missing even before it aired (see Too Soon), but eventually premiered a month late.
  • Name's the Same: CeCe doesn't have/use Geass. Nor is she affiliated with a Texas-based pizza buffet.
  • Playing Against Type: A behind-the-camera case, since the series was created by Chris Thompson - whose previous series (Bosom Buddies, The Naked Truth, Action) are as far away from standard Disney Channel fare as you can get. Especially the last one.
    • On the other hand perhaps the most famous show he's worked for is Laverne and Shirley. Would go far towards explaining the CeCe/Rocky dynamic.
  • Mean Character Nice Actor: In Real Life, Bella Thorne is much nicer than CeCe.
    • Likewise Caroline Sunshine/Kenton Duty and Tinka/Gunther Hessenheffer
  • Retroactive Recognition: Flynn once tried to go out with Paisley.
  • Screwed by the Network: A lot of people are outright flabbergasted as to why Disney Channel would cancel (or more specifically, fail to order new episodes, with the same effect) their highest-rated show. No official reason has ever been given, but the most believable rumors include Disney Channel felt the show was becoming too expensive and/or simply wanted to move onto new material that would better hold the "next wave" of viewers.
  • Too Soon: "Shake It Up, Up and Away" was originally scheduled to air on September 18, 2011, but had to be pulled at the last minute due to plane crashes at the Reno Air Show in Nevada. It was replaced with an airing of another new episode that and would air in October, though.
  • What Could Have Been: The role of Tinka Hessenheffer was originally offered to Stefanie Scott (and the pilot was filmed with her) but she ultimately decided to take an offer from A.N.T. Farm instead.
  • The Wiki Rule: Here you go.

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