* Whenever [=CeCe=] cries and Rocky comforts her, or vice-versa.
* Also in "Heat It Up" when Flynn goes outside to cry after hearing that their road trip was getting cancelled, [=CeCe=] cheers him up and kisses him lightly on the forehead.
* [=CeCe=]'s prayer in the episode in which Rocky undergoes surgery. Creator/BellaThorne's delivery was impressive.
* Tinka and Gunther's relationship as siblings could be seen as this. While they show obvious disdain for everyone else, they do truly care about each other.
* From "Shrink It Up":
-->'''[=CeCe=]:''' You're the reason I made it onto Shake It Up Chicago. Because of you, I'm getting to do the thing I love most in the world.\\
'''Rocky:''' Dancing?\\
'''[=CeCe=]:''' No ''({{beat}})'' being your best friend.
** That episode is ''full'' of [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming CMoHs]].
* The date between Ty and Tinka at the "L" station in "Add It Up." There's a reason somebody added WillTheyOrWontThey on the main page.
* Anything between Deuce and Dina.
* When Rocky is about to leave for New York in "Model It Up", Flynn says he's losing his favourite big sister.
* CeCe and Ty offering to [[spoiler:leave Shake It Up Chicago when Rocky was let go]] was a sweet gesture, also doubling as a TearJerker for [[spoiler:Rocky, when you consider how she must've felt in that moment.]]
* Rocky dumping Logan (a guy she had great chemistry with) because he wouldn't give Cece a chance after she accidentally ruined his badminton game.