Funny: Seitokai Yakuindomo

  • Episode 1, Shino adjusting Tsuda's tie, and administering punishment for violating school dress code simultaneously.
  • In one episode, Aria is putting some boxes up on a high shell, causing her breasts to jiggle. Shino and Suzu comment that they look heavy. A moment later, Aria is carrying a heavy box, and Tsuda tells her that he'll carry them for her. Aria immediately misinterprets the object he intended to carry for her as her breasts, and complains that it's sexual harassment.
  • 3rd OVA:
    Uomi: Your hand is really soft, too, President Amakusa.
    Shino: I thought I wiped the *censored* juice off, though.
  • Episode 3. Shino feeds a deer, which then licks her hand for crumbs. She and Aria comment on how pleasurable it is to be licked, causing the herd to Sweat Drop and look at them.
  • Yokoshima Sensei bound in a blanket for once again trying to molest Tsuda, as the council members completely ignore her screams for help.
    • In later episodes they've had to repeat this so often that they now just do it as a precautionary measure.
  • And who could forget the scene with Tsuda's story! As the girls read it we're treated to a Tearjerker of a tale about a homeless kitten, a sailor who is implied to have drowned saving it and his widow adopting the cat to help her in mourning. Suffice to say it causes the girls to break down... Only for a bewildered Tsuda to declare that there's nothing like that in there!
    Takatoshi: Who the hell is George!?
  • Hata steals the show on so many occasions we could probably fill a whole page with her antics.
  • The Sustained Misunderstanding with the Squid and Takatoshi omakes in the OVA and the second season.
    • The second season version ends with Tsuda confronting everyone he spoke to that day, attempting to weed out the person who framed him by checking their alibis. (With the audience asked to see if they can figure out whodunnit with the clues that only one person there is guilty, and only one is lying.) Suzu and Kotomi are nervous wrecks, Aria claims she was busy in the bathroom due to an enema but did get out the sex toy, Shino plays it cool while casually mentioning that she has a D-Cup, and after all that, Hata outright admits it was her, laughing all the way through the closing title card.
  • In Chapter 90.5, there's a short omake where the crew talks about how they're going to be animated. This exchange occurs:
    Shino: We should decide on a tagline for the anime. How about "a heart-warming slice-of-life anime"?
    Takatoshi: Don't tell lies.
    Aria: How about "a heart-warming dirty anime"?
    Takatoshi: Don't tell the truth.
  • Aria's room of gold.
  • The show's many Super-Deformed art moments are usually good for a laugh.
  • And I'm dead!
  • Tsuda asks the girls not to stare at him so closely they decide to watch him like Yanderes instead.