Funny / Sekirei

  • In the second season, Benitsubasa kidnaps Minato and uses his phone to call Izumo Inn with her demands. Kusano answers the phone, and is told to give the phone to the woman with the big breasts. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Homura's various moments of gender confusion.
  • Mikogami's reaction whenever a new challenge or prize is announced.
  • Homura and his rival, Akitsu pause in the midst of a duel to talk. When she won't answer his question, he demands that she at least put on her panties. Akitsu......takes a moment to realize she's forgotten them again.
  • Any time Miya terrorizes her tenants or Seo.
  • Seo versus Sanada in the third stage gets off to a great start when Seo grabs Kujika and Kuzuri and activates his Power Nullifier. Sanada's reaction to this makes Hibiki and Hikari despair that there are two pervy idiot Ashikabi:
    • Hibiki and Hikari outright walk away, leaving Seo and Sanada locked in a mutual Death Glare and, eventually, a slug-fest.
  • Minaka pesters Takami over wanting her and their children, Minato and Yukari, to live with him "as a family". Takami adamantly rejects the idea every time he mentions it.
  • Sanada comes to visit Izumo Inn, and develops an immediate crush on Miya. Every attempt to dissuade him just makes him find her more attractive. Matsu decides he's an idiot with a complex.
  • Minato's reaction in chapter 157 when he finds out that not only is Minaka his dad, he finds out that almost everybody around him knew already, even Kuu.
    • The narrator helpfully points out that the audience had guessed it some time ago, too.