Heartwarming: Seitokai Yakuindomo

  • In episode 6, after revealing that she's afraid of things like ghost stories and such, Suzu asks Tsuda if he sees her as childish. Tsuda replies earnestly that, yes, he does, but that he's also happy because he knows a little bit more about her now.
  • In episode 10 Tsuda becomes depressed believing that he slept through last portion of culture festival. Shino informs him that there's still the folk dance left and says that if he's fine with her, she doesn't mind going together. Amazingly no joke appears to kill the moment and the episode ends with the two of them heading to the dance and Tsuda narrating that such an ending satisfies him.
  • In the 7th OVA, Suzu has to be the only straight man for a day because Tsuda comes down with a fever. Naturally, the day is pretty hard on her. Next morning, when she comes to school, Tsuda is standing in front of the school building. Suzu half bursts into tears and runs up to give him a hug. Bit of a shame that her height makes said hug a lot less innocent than it is, with Hata even mentioning how Suzu's hugs make her look like she's giving head.