Funny / Second Empire

  • Like Leslie Nielsen in Airplane!, simply having a Dalek act as anything other than a poker faced Straight Man seems to result in Hilarity Ensues.
    Zlonozite: All defence turrets apart from C2 are raised, engineering Daleks are working on it now.
    Dalek Engineer: There is sand fouling the pistons, I need a tin of 'Silicone-Gone' and the big hammer.
  • Yttral, just... Yttral.
    Yttral: Ah Emperor, there you are, I have been looking for you everywhere.
    Xenol: Everywhere except in my throne room, apparently.
    • Earlier, Yttral invites Xenol to test his new Transmat device.
      Yttral: (next to Xenol at the end of a long table) The upgrade is complete; you should now see a new command icon on your control console.
      Xenol: I see it, the one marked "Where would you like to go today?"
      Yttral: Yes, though it is currently only a closed circuit which will take you to the command centre and back to your travel machine. Give it a try, everything is ready.
      Xenol: And you are sure it is safe?
      Yttral: (at the opposite end of the table) Perfectly.
  • On page 136, Xenol assures his officers that, although their attack was unsuccessful, it would still arouse suspicion from the populace towards the Golden Emperor. Cut to Dalek Newscaster Wyndzon reporting the top story on Skaro:
    Wyndzon: Horticulture Daleks claim to have produced the biggest Kwalorblmn Fruit to be seen on Skaro since the Genesis Wars. Mmmm... Kwalorblmn.
    • Sure enough, every Dalek on Skaro is talking... about the Kwalorblmn Fruit.
  • Buraoun's Death By Genre Savvy. During the invasion, Buraoun leads a squad to an abandoned service port, revealing the lock and overriding the codes by entering his date of birth. Entering, he encounters Grexnarl, who shoots the door shut, leaving the rest of the squad outside.
    Dalek: The Supreme Dalek is trapped, we have to re-open the lock. Quickly, what is Supreme Buraoun's Date of Birth?
    (Blank stares)
  • Ghalt's Funny Afro.
  • As intensely heartwarming as Grexzol's entire platoon waiting for him in the Afterlife Antechamber before they could all disappear into the light can be, the situation takes a turn for the heartwarmingly ridiculous when Zapper tosses Grexzol his Diplomassee toy back.
  • Despite earning considerable leeway by killing a Mechonoid Paladin, actively participating in a heroic defense everyone else considered a Suicide Mission and helping end it in a decisive Dalek victory, Grexzol still ends with ten demerits at the end of Trapped in Amber, and is back to the Sisyphean, pointless task of painting a bridge, just as he was doing at the beginning.