YMMV: Second Empire

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Rather than just being the cold-blooded Omnicidal Maniacs of the TV series the Daleks here display a much wider, and often, quite surprising range of emotions and character traits such as loyalty to others and friendship, and in fact Xenol specifically references this as one of the things the Dalek race will lose if the Golden Emperor wins.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Where do we begin?
    • Xenol’s fight back to his gunship after failing to exterminate the Golden Emperor.
      • Anzollo performing a gunship rescue… while on the ground.
    • Anzollo outmaneuvering combat hoverbouts with a gunship.
      Xenol: Anzollo, you now have a dorsal turret.
      Special Weapons Dalek Jukk: EXTERMINATE!!
    • Evading and crippling the much-larger battlesaucer with two troopers' Self Destruct Mechanisms. And, who, incidentally, survive.
    • Agent 700 escaping the Second Empire base.
    • Second Empire vs the Imperial Legion. Ready, set, EX-TER-MINATE!
    • Davros making an entrance.
    • The First Empire's second invasion.
      • For that matter, Anzollo blunting said invasion with the Second Empire's limited space fleet and distracting them long enough to allow Xenol to complete the fortress' defense.
    • Dalek Storm crushing three battalions alone without raising a single alarm.
    • Grexzol demonstrates that while he may be an old coot, he's still a Dalek, and to have lived that long is indeed a mark of supreme skill at exterminating.
    • Yttral delivers a painful "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Gariin, who obviously doesn't believe a word of it. Yttral proceeds to prove why he's right.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Like Leslie Nielsen in Airplane!, simply having a Dalek act as anything other than a poker faced Straight Man seems to result in Hilarity Ensues.
    Zlonozite: All defence turrets apart from C2 are raised, engineering Daleks are working on it now.
    Dalek Engineer: There is sand fouling the pistons, I need a tin of 'Silicone-Gone' and the big hammer.
    • Yttral, just... Yttral.
      Yttral: Ah Emperor, there you are, I have been looking for you everywhere.
      Xenol: Everywhere except in my throne room, apparently.
  • Tear Jerker: After the Heroic Sacrifice, you get this shot of most of the main characters looking at a screen full of static. No one says anything, and Xenol's eyestalk just droops...
    • Grexzol and his entire platoon's death. And then Grexzol gets to join his old squadmates as they Disappear Into Light.