Awesome / Second Empire

  • Xenol’s fight back to his gunship after failing to exterminate the Golden Emperor.
    • Anzollo performing a gunship rescue… while grounded.
  • Anzollo outmaneuvering combat hoverbouts with a gunship.
    Xenol: Anzollo, you now have a dorsal turret.
    Special Weapons Dalek Jukk: EXTERMINATE!!
  • Evading and crippling the much-larger battlesaucer with two troopers' Self Destruct Mechanisms. And, who, incidentally, survive.
  • Agent 700 escaping the Second Empire base.
  • Second Empire vs the Imperial Legion. Ready, set, EX-TER-MINATE!
  • Davros making an entrance.
  • The First Empire's second invasion.
    • For that matter, Anzollo blunting said invasion with the Second Empire's limited space fleet and distracting them long enough to allow Xenol to complete the fortress' defense.
  • Dalek Storm crushing three battalions alone without raising a single alarm. Three battalions is anywhere from 900 to 3000 soldiers. And he did it ALONE.
  • Grexzol demonstrates that while he may be an old coot, he's still a Dalek, and to have lived that long is indeed a mark of supreme skill at exterminating.
    Grexzol: Back when the Silver Emperor was still alive, I was almost accepted for the Imperial Legion. The colours you are wearing meant something in those days.
    Grexzol: Standing at the back shouting orders does not win battles. And as for your tactics, is a menacing glide down the hall yelling "exterminate" the best you can manage?
    Enemy Commander: Run away! Run away!
    Grexzol: (behind the commander) That rarely works either. (fires)
  • Yttral delivers a painful "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Gariin, who obviously doesn't believe a word of it. Yttral proceeds to prove why he's right.
  • In Trapped in Amber, Sub-commander Piddul retreats to the command bunker during a Mechonoid attack, sealing bulkheads behind him as to delay the invaders, leaving behind a small platoon of Daleks (including a younger Grexzol). This opens the door for several awesome moments in quick sequence:
    • First, they manage to open one of the sealed doors and run to another apparently sealed room. However, The Professor notes the layabout of the fortress means one of the walls can be cut and bypassed with holes too small for a Mechonoid to pass. With seconds to spare, the entire group manages to escape the room.
    • Then, a Mechonoid Paladin decides to stop playing, and just bursts past the bulkhead to engage the retreating Daleks.
    • Old Wolma remains behind to engage the Paladin. Senile and addled, the Paladin makes short work of him, but with his last words, he reminds Grexzol of several apparently inconsequential events... giving Grexzol the necessary Tranquil Fury and the means to go back and exterminate the Paladin.
    Zelvok: Grexzol! It is a Paladin! It has several times the processing power of a standard Me'noid and it is machine fast, we can not fight it alone!
    Grexzol: I do not intend to fight it, Zelvok. I intend to destroy it. Cover me.
    • After the death of Old Wolma, a furious Grexzol marches to the command bunker, intent on annihilating Piddul. However, his superior officer manages to restrain Grexzol by reminding him he does not have the authority to exterminate Piddul. As the Dirty Coward relaxes and begins berating Grexzol, the officer finishes: " ...but I do!"
  • Five hundred Daleks versus half a million Mechonoids. Against all odds, the Daleks win.