Awesome / Second Empire

  • Xenol’s fight back to his gunship after failing to exterminate the Golden Emperor.
    • Anzollo performing a gunship rescue… while grounded.
  • Anzollo outmaneuvering combat hoverbouts with a gunship.
    Xenol: Anzollo, you now have a dorsal turret.
    Special Weapons Dalek Jukk: EXTERMINATE!!
  • Evading and crippling the much-larger battlesaucer with two troopers' Self Destruct Mechanisms. And, who, incidentally, survive.
  • Agent 700 escaping the Second Empire base.
  • Second Empire vs the Imperial Legion. Ready, set, EX-TER-MINATE!
  • Davros making an entrance.
  • The First Empire's second invasion.
    • For that matter, Anzollo blunting said invasion with the Second Empire's limited space fleet and distracting them long enough to allow Xenol to complete the fortress' defense.
  • Dalek Storm crushing three battalions alone without raising a single alarm. Three battalions is anywhere from 900 to 3000 soldiers. And he did it ALONE.
  • Grexzol demonstrates that while he may be an old coot, he's still a Dalek, and to have lived that long is indeed a mark of supreme skill at exterminating.
    Grexol: Back when the Silver Emperor was still alive, I was almost accepted for the Imperial Legion. The colours you are wearing meant something in those days.
    Grexol: Standing at the back shouting orders does not win battles. And as for your tactics, is a menacing glide down the hall yelling "exterminate" the best you can manage?
    Enemy Commander: Run away! Run away!
    Grexol: (behind the commander) That rarely works either. (fires)
  • Yttral delivers a painful "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Gariin, who obviously doesn't believe a word of it. Yttral proceeds to prove why he's right.