Fridge / Second Empire

  • A whole lot of things make a lot more sense when you think of them from a Dalek perspective.
    • Why does everybody act like Yttral is some sort of loony even thought he's "merely" an Absent-Minded Professor? Because Daleks, even these "toned down" ones, are absurdly militaristic maniacs at best, and resent any form of irregularity. Like Yttral.
    • Why is the Golden Emperor (and Pturrd) such a bastard concerning his troops? Because he's been meddling with their genetic structure and, at some subconcious level, doesn't consider them Daleks at all!
    Xenol: How much can you alter a Dalek, before it is no longer a Dalek?
    • Why don't the Daleks do research? Because that will involve going down to the level of somebody else, and Daleks simply wont do that.
    • Why is Xenol portrayed as The Hero, even though he just blew up a planet of aliens who were rallying against the tyranical rule he imposed on them? Because he fights to protect the genetic purity of his species against the evil Golden Emperor who only wishes obedience, which makes him positively virtuous and heroic in a Dalek's eye!
      • Think hard enough, and you'll discover how freaking different a Dalek's mindset is from ours: Things like genetic purity, loyalty to the Dalek race and superiority over everything else are viewed like we do the Power of Friendship, the Power of Love and all sorts of other stuff, while things we would consider Moral Event Horizons are perfectly natural.
    • A lot of the Second Empire characters, including background ones, are easily identifiable in both looks and general quirks when compared to the First Empire. Of course, individualism is the kind of thing the Golden Emperor is trying to breed out of Dalek-kind.
  • A minor one, but it's shown that Dalek travel machines are easily split into two sections, the base and the top. This is exactly how the original props from the TV show worked.
  • Grexzol frequently babbles and has serious issues with wandering attention, yet is clearly skilled enough to easily mow down First Empire troops. It's highly possible (and his stories support this) that he has survived for so long, his age has advanced to the point he's suffering from senility - a major rarity for a species as warlike as the Daleks.